Exclusive: Which City Gets to Party With ‘Degrassi’?

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Degrassi is gearing up for their new season to premiere on Teen Nick, and to celebrate, they’re hitting up five different cities around the country!

The cast will be screening episodes in Chicago, Minneapolis, LA, and NYC the week of February 13, and gave viewers the choice to vote for what city they wanted the fifth one to be. Dying to know what other city they will be heading to? Don’t worry because Celebuzz has the exclusive reveal!

The Degrassi crew is headed to…

Washington DC!

They’ll also be headed to the following cities:

Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk—Universal City, California on 2/13
Mall of America—Bloomington, Minn. on 2/15
Harris Theater, Millennium Park —Chicago, IL. on 2/16
Wellmont Theater—Montclair, New Jersey on 2/18

Stay tuned to see which Degrassi stars will party in your city.

Celebuzz got a chance to catch up with one of the show’s newest cast members, Alex Steele, (who actually played Joey Jeremiah’s daughter and Craig’s step-sister on earlier seasons) about her new character and what kind of drama we can expect from this season.

Tell me about your new character.
My brand new character is very dramatic, she always strives to get what she wants and she’ll do anything to get what she wants. She’s very straight forward. A little over-dramatic at times.

What kind of antics does she get herself into this season?
Fights. She’s in a couple triangles. One with friendship and one with romance.

Do you get along with the cast pretty well?
Oh yeah, everyone is so nice and friendly. It’s like a family away from home.

What’s the vibe like on the set? Are there any on-set pranks or anything like that?
There have been quite a few. I don’t know if they are pranks, but I can’t stop laughing. Cast members and crew are just so funny. I remember this one time I was filming with Ricardo and Lyle. I don’t know why, but I phrased my line in sort of a strange way. I wasn’t gonna laugh, but I looked at Lyle and his face made me laugh. It was so embarressing but so funny.

What ways are you similar to your character?
Well we both like shopping. I think we are bothy very driven to get what we want, though we go about it in different ways.

How are you different from her?
She is incredibly over-dramatic about so many things. I more kind of just sit back and go with the flow and see where it takes you. She is more like “I am going to carve a path.”

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