How Seal & Heidi Klum Told Their Kids They Were Separating

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Seal revealed on Access Hollywood Live how he and wife Heidi Klum told their four children that they would be separating. 

“We tried to explain, as best we could, what is going on,” Seal told Billy Bush. “Just explaining to them that things will be different, you know, without going into too much detail. [That] things will be different… but a lot of things won’t change.”

Continued Seal:

“And the main thing is to make sure that they feel that they’re loved, make sure that they understand that their parents love each other, make sure that they understand if there are any changes, it is absolutely nothing to do with them. And it won’t change the amount of time – and – in actual fact, it may even improve the amount of time that we spend with them – quality time – because it’s not the amount of time, as you know being a family man yourself, it’s the quality of that time.”

“We’re not getting divorced. We’re not even legally separated. We are separated. The reality of the situation is we have grown apart,” said Seal. “Is there a chance of us getting back together? Honestly, Billy, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that.”

For more on what went wrong, head over to Access Hollywood. See Seal and Heidi through the years below.

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