JoJo on New Album Release Date (Sorta) & Josh Hutcherson Connection (VIDEO)

Jojo Bares Belly for Swifty
JoJo shows her midriff at Taylor Swift concert.
Her highly anticipated new album Jumping Trains is almost here and JoJo tells Celebuzz when it will arrive! Before it comes out, she does intend to release another song. “That’s the plan — to put another single out before the album drops, but I’m really focused on ‘Disaster’ right now,” she says.

As far as an official release date, she says, “I’m keeping it under wraps … but it’s going to be this spring.”  

Along with her evolving sound, her image has changed too. “I might show some leg [or cleavage] … it’s not about being vulgar or explicit, it’s just about representing myself and how I how I feel in the moment. I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative to flip my style every once in awhile.” 

When the topic turned to Hunger Games, she says she’s “so proud” of HG star Josh Hutcherson, who played her little brother in the movie RV! “This is going to be the biggest movie this year, so I’m super, super thrilled for him,” she adds. 

Right now, JoJo is also focused on a social network campaign against texting while driving called “It Can Wait.” Take the pledge on Facebook!

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