Stylish Sisters! Kim Kardashian Lunches with Pregnant Kourtney (PHOTOS)

Only the Kardashian sisters know how to make lunch look this good!

Following their Dallas reunion with Khloe this week, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian stepped for a sisterly meal together this Friday. The stylish pair was spotted out in Beverly Hills -- where Kim was seen with a bagful of grub as they made their way inside a friend's house.

Kourtney wrote about the day on her blog:

I went to look at some spaces for a potential new DASH store, then off to lunch with my preggo BFF Joyce at Joan’s on 3rd. There’s nothing better than eating with another pregnant girl.

Kim and I then met up at one of our best friends house to meet her newborn baby. I forgot how tiny newborn babies are…so precious and innocent. And, that was my day!

Kim and Kourtney are no doubt close as siblings. After all, a heartbroken Kim did turn to Kourt when she needed relationship advice. Furthermore, Kourtney has stood by Kim during her tough time in New York. 

We're glad to see these sisters helping each other out through thick and thin!



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  • newyork1234

    Hey Vic. Don't get offended. but I am not a big KK fan. But first off you're judging. I am sure you're out on your cell phone on random times. Would you like people to think that you're on the phone cause you have no one to connect with? am sure NOT. For you to call her mother a horrific woman, who gives you the right to judge? what if someone judged your mother that way? Please grow up or go back to highschool. Or simply don't spread hate. We dont need more like you!

  • tamika

    Kourtney are hiding his pregnant tummy ♥titititi , i wont see her prego tummy ♥lol♥ sooo cute love uu

  • miesha

    damn shes BALD!!! she wears about 20 pounds of hair then! LOL

  • why

    in the shopping bag lol

  • whoa

    in the shopping bag LOL :)

  • Me

    Where are the hair extensions?

  • Vic

    Hideous.Manish and hardassed trash.

  • Vic

    Too short and stubby to pull off the jeans with Chanel jacket thing.Also she is pulling the Paris Hilton,[her mentor], shtick of always being on the cell phone when she has no one really to connect with except her trainwreck family,and here she is with them. So why the phoney cell phone craziness. Vacuous,wide load coming through.Maybe she's discussing, with her horrific mother, whom to sue nex't.