Taylor Swift Joins Celebs Snapped Braving Weather (PHOTOS)

Sweater Weather Celebs
Celebs bundle up in a fashionable way!
Despite being on the A list, not even the stars can change the weather! From Blake Lively to most recently Taylor Swift, there’s been a slew of celebs that have braved the rain, sleet and snow while being snapped by the paparazzi. 

Even little Suri Cruise has been seen popping up her umbrella … in style, of course!  Click the pics to see who stayed dry, who got drenched and who just looks plain miserable!

As mentioned, TSwift ventured out this week in London, umbrella in hand. Despite the dreary weather, Taylor was dressed to the nines and shopped around for some Valentine’s Day treats. Hmm, could those sweets be for a sweetheart? 

What are you tips for braving the rain and tumultuous winter weather? Spill them in the comments!