Vanessa Hudgens & Rihanna Among Hottest Bikini Babes of 2012…So Far (PHOTOS)

The first month of 2012 isn't even over yet, but there has already been quite the array of celebs in bikinis!

Just in the past couple of weeks, we've seen both Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna frolicking around Hawaii in some seriously sexy two pieces. Adding to the list this week was also Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima, who slipped into a bikini for a photo shoot in St. Barths.

So, who are some other sexy celebs who kicked off the year showing some major skin?

Jessica Alba was seen flaunting her flawless post-baby bod in Mexico, LeAnn Rimes had a bikini getaway in Hawaii and Whitney Port soaked up the sun in Miami.

To see who else, check out the gallery!



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  • fred

    She is stunningly beautiful!! She could cause a 12 car crash just by walking down the street!

  • jbd59

    i love her pussy. :D

  • Mike

    That's Jwoww you idiots!

  • Holly

    ...and people like you are the reason that millions of girls starve themselves. Society considers this 'totally average looking' when in fact she has an amazing, healthy body and you expect a 'perfect', skinny figure which is only seen in photo shopped magazines.

  • Alexzo

    That's not Selena Gomez. That's Carli Futcher. She's gonna be on a new Wizards of Waverly Place. If u really look, That girl in the vid is sohetrr than normal Selena Without the high heels lol But trust me, that's Carli Futcher and shes 13. If u wanna know more about this just write on my profile! Thankss

  • slow

    damm she luk like a model......

  • jbd59

    trashy ass tattoos.

  • jbd59

    bet she's juicy too.

  • jbd59

    eat me some of that.

  • sab

    Rihanna is amazing!

  • sab


  • dave1001

    Taylor has small tits but she still gives me a huge boner. I love her long legs and big feet.

  • dave1001

    Amen. I'd love to fuck her so much.

  • ania

    come on... can't put vanessa hudgens near Adriana Lima - Lima beat them ALL anyway, she is the the greatest VS angel in the world, indeed

  • kellyb

    Umm, botched tummy tuck much? I'm sorry but her stomach looks freakish and unnatural. How on earth did she make this list when she looks deformed?

  • Jane Jackson
    Jane Jackson

    think she is justr plain nasty

  • Elmo


  • Vanessa

    Lea is gorgeous and thin! Just because she’s real instead of bony and operated like most celebrities are these days, doesn’t make her uglier or worse than anyone else. In fact, that makes her a role model!

  • mileyismylife

    Whitney is gorgeous, her body is incredible.

  • mileyismylife

    Rihanna is perfection at it's finest.

  • Brent Busch
    Brent Busch

    That is not Naya Rivera.

  • mileyismylife

    i would kill for a figure like Vanessa's, she has such perfect curves, and she is such a beauty!

  • zip

    she has had a swiftlip up top 100%

  • mileyismylife

    Taylor is beyond stunning, her body is actually amazing.

  • zip

    her waist! *drools* :o

  • Kat

    No shit she has a great body; she's a swimsuit model. HOTDAMN.

  • Mayra

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  • Dawn Sawan
    Dawn Sawan

    I think it is because she has the straps around her chest instead of around her neck, trying to avoid tan lines...I think, and since it is meant to be around the neck, it is improperly fit..

  • Le'Shonda Richardson
  • Le'Shonda Richardson
    Le'Shonda Richardson

    BS toooooo skinny

  • Le'Shonda Richardson
    Le'Shonda Richardson

    No Body! Built like a boy!

  • Toofargone Tomatter
    Toofargone Tomatter

    she just needs to have one broken off in her. She ought to be in Penthouse with her ankles around her ears.

  • Toofargone Tomatter
    Toofargone Tomatter

    This is simply a gorgeous woman...who's had a black guy. Pass!!

  • jeffrey

    It definitely looks like she had a tummy tuck!

  • The Game
    The Game

    If she didn't have those trashy tattoos she'd be hot. With them, she's just another piece of white trash.

  • Billa-tong

    I'd kill to have a body like hers after giving birth twice. She looks amazing, not too skinny but super sexy. I love her style too. Damn she's perfect

  • Billa-tong

    I love her, but she looks a bit skinny

  • chanel

    she had a tummy tuck and she is gaining weight she needs moe lipo on her sides

  • N


  • Ron Albury
    Ron Albury

    Michelle is so hot, and this is such a lousy photo of her. I've seen several others of her taken this year while in that same bikini ... why pick this one?

  • AK

    Something strange is going on with her stomach

  • Ernest Debrew
    Ernest Debrew

    "Been there, done that", said Tiger Woods.

  • mileyismylife

    Rosie is the biggest hottie!

  • zazz

    THAT BODY!!!

  • Carolina Mora
    Carolina Mora

    I hate this bitch for stealing Jason away from me. he could've been mine!!

  • dan quayle
    dan quayle

    I bet she likes a nice fat one up the pooper now and then.

  • ...

    foooooo iuck

  • jbd59


  • jbd59


  • Eric

    She looks great, nice soulders

  • Eric

    Totally average looking

  • Eric

    Cute and she has a great figure

  • Daron

    its same sex time wiith me on yore vejina you putyore vigina in my dike

  • Lollipop

    that kid.... is too cute.

  • bfgsgrf

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  • Ivana Radojevic
    Ivana Radojevic

    No, actually this is taken January 2nd 2012., when her younger daughter had only 4 and a half months.

  • no

    to skinny!

  • mileyismylife


  • Abd Elghany El Ezaby
    Abd Elghany El Ezaby

    she`s so cute

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    She looks great! Nice & fit!

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    you cant include victorias secret angels here.... its a given fact that they have the greatest bikini bodies in the world.

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    i love her stomach<3

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    she doesnt look like that anymore. well from what i saw in the new pictures from the movie shes shooting.

  • Elina

    Lea is gorgeous and thin! Just because she's real instead of bony and operated like most celebrities are these days, doesn't make her uglier or worse than anyone else. In fact, that makes her a role model!

  • davenport

    mine. in her

  • Norbert Meilleur
    Norbert Meilleur

    need some meat.

  • rick1231

    Kate Hudson is so gorgeous!

  • Davenport

    haha dave1001 you sad bastard

  • dave1001

    Her ass probably tastes good too no doubt. Would love to lick her asshole.

  • joy

    she dont haveboobs

  • Gracie Isles
    Gracie Isles

    She actually is just fit, think about the amount of exercise she gets in each concert!

  • amanda

    Adriana looked better when she had more muscle tone. It looks like she lost a little too much weight after the baby. That stomach looks so hungry :(

  • Alicia Weber
    Alicia Weber

    I love the vintage swimsuits but this looks horrible on her body.

  • Alicia Weber
    Alicia Weber

    Yeah I'm not exactly sure why super skinny means they're fit. To me that means they need to go eat.

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    shes beautiful but dont know about her funny face

  • Michelle 미셸 Gancina
    Michelle 미셸 Gancina

    she steal my grandma's panty!!!! lolz

  • Michelle 미셸 Gancina
    Michelle 미셸 Gancina

    WTF so ugly!!!!

  • justaguy

    I'm sure it does!

  • Matt-and Jamie Childress
    Matt-and Jamie Childress

    beautiful- but looks like a photo-shoot. are we sure she was cut of guard?!

  • Matt-and Jamie Childress
    Matt-and Jamie Childress

    shes come a long way for that bod! lookin great leanne! pretty and love the swim-suit! cute!

  • Matt-and Jamie Childress
    Matt-and Jamie Childress

    ugly swim-suit! ugh!

  • Matt-and Jamie Childress
    Matt-and Jamie Childress

    fit?? is that what we call it now, when u can see EVERY bone in her chest. GROSS! shes ugly and nasty pale.

  • markella

    where are her tits?!

  • Davenport

    I bet her crotch tastes good

  • diggz


  • j


  • mileyismylife

    Whitney Port is hot *

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    omggggosh, why??

  • Jessica Anne Carson
    Jessica Anne Carson

    Why is Lea Michelle on this list?

  • Rod

    Nice tits but without makeup the face is ugh ....

  • Natalia

    jessica is a sexy mom!!

  • Natalia

    that bikini is awful!

  • Natalia

    looking great megan!!

  • Noah

    Well, I really can't complain about this one.

  • Hayley Sian Tegg
    Hayley Sian Tegg

    i think she had only the one baby when this photo was taken january 2nd 2011

  • Samira

    Britney ? hot ? hahaha retard

  • Demi

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  • js

    vanessa hudgens looks bad from the side, everything is wrong with mischa barton’s bikini & body, rosie hw needs to seriously gain some weight, and leann rimes looks like an anorexic luck dragon.

  • js

    vanessa hudgens looks bad from the side, everything is wrong with mischa barton's bikini & body, rosie hw needs to seriously gain some weight, and leann rimes looks like an anorexic luck dragon.

  • lei

    vanessa Hudgens the color of the skin is so beautiful

  • Naamee Yisrael
    Naamee Yisrael

    vanessa hudgens is hot

  • Ruby

    They need Britney there. Hottest damn body ever.

  • mariaNNa

    Jessica Alba look at that smokin hot body after giving birth!

  • candy


  • Anonymous

    Whitney Port has a buttaface.

  • Matt

    Jessica Alba is hot. Selena Gomez is hot. Whitney Port is not.