The 'Hunger Games' Cast Dishes On 'Twilight' Comparisons (PHOTOS)

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Although many speculate that The Hunger Games will the new Twilightthe cast of the upcoming dystopian flick say otherwise. Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have all gone on record to dispute these claims. Recently, Elizabeth Banks also added to the discussion, commenting in the Boston Globe:

"What are the stakes in Twilight? Like, 'I don’t know . . . should I marry this werewolf?'’’

As a part of Celebuzz's 100 Days of Hunger Games celebration, we're taking a look back at what the HG cast have said about Twilight comparisons. Click through the gallery to see who have been gabbing about vampires versus Tributes!

What do you think of these comparisons? Are these series totally different? Let your voice be heard and sound off in the comments below!

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  • bfgsgrf

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  • Athirah

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  • Elena

    Hunger games suck.

  • Laronnda Thompson
    Laronnda Thompson

    Twilight is a romance novel...Hunger Games is a YA, Sci-fi/Fantasy cross-over fiction novel, HG has room to create worthwhile coffee table to classroom discussion. That's not to purely bash Twilight, but it's just there's nothing to compare between the two. Twilight doesn't take romance and represent it in a new way, or with common day themes and evolve them....Now could you compare Harry Potter & Hunger Games? Yes. What happened was vastly different environments but sacrifices, growth, & hard decision-making.

  • meee

    SO guys twilight and the hunger games are nothing alike the hunger games is full of action you cant to put the book down action and a lil romance all their is in twilight is her confused of who she really likes like make up your mind ? so tht clears it the hunger games is way better then twilight even stephanie meyer said it her self she couldnt put the book down ............. and the hunger games is way better

  • LunaFowlDeAfrit

    Hey guys... did it ever occur to you that curse words aren't the only adjectives? Just a thought. But anyways, Twilight is NOTHING like the Hunger Games. The comparison practically makes me seethe with anger. Who could compare a girl fighting for her life in a deadly arena to a girl welling in pathetic (see a different adjective!) self-pity over her boyfriend?

  • Jen

    I think the Hunger Games is more like Lord of the Rings. Or maybe Jurassic Park. Those are trilogies. With people in them. That must mean they're very similar. Let's take this moment to compare the Hunger Games to Indiana Jones. Fucking morons.

  • Allie

    Bro, to each his own. Calm the hell down, you act like you directed one of the movies.

  • Laura

    Haha this quote made me love her even more!

  • Diana

    Why can't they just be mature enough to not even bother commenting on Twilight? They are getting all mad and bashing Twilight for what? It's not like the two were made to compete against each other... -__-

  • Super

    Just because people compare Twilight to HG doesn't mean you have to bash on Twilight! I love both. For example just because people always compared Twilight to Harry Potter, I didn't start to hate on it. Gosh. Just ignore it, who cares, and enjoy the motherfucking movie.

  • Angie

    Are people seriously suggesting that a book set in the future about a country where an annual games is held in which people have to kill each other and a young 16 year old girl replaces her sister in the games and is entered in with a 16 year old boy and then they have to get trained to kill other 12-18 year olds and eventually everyone dies except for the two and this rebellion begins and more people die till the dictators are overthrown, can be compared to a story where a teenage girl cries over and kisses her vampire boyfriend and cries over and kisses her werewolf best friend and has a whole bunch of problems with fantasy creatures. Really.... what has the world come to? :')

  • Leigha

    Who even makes these comparisons? Probably ignorant people who haven't eve bothered to read the Hunger Games or watch the trailer which doesn't show any signs of romance.

  • Allie

    There is really no similarity except for the fact that two guys "argue" over her (which they never really dispute like Edward and Jacob did). The Hunger Games is all about survival and restoring a nation. Twilight is all about Bella chasing Edward down and wanting to be with him. One teaches you about the effects of war and the possible future of America and the other is just a sappy love story (no offense).