Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Shay Mitchell a Question!

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It's been a pretty good year for Pretty Little Liar's star Shay Mitchell. After the show became a hit straight off its debut in 2010, the leading ladies have been all over the place. Shay's fashion sense and gorgeous locks have led to many opportunities in the past year.

Now Shay is gearing up to answer all your questions in our next Celebuzz Mailbag series!

Just in this past month, Pretty Little Liars won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama. If you've been keeping up with the show you might be in for some upcoming drama between Shay's character Emily and her lover Maya. But we'll let you ask any pending questions you may have!

So, how can you submit your burning questions?

Simply "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook and enter your question for Shay in the comments section below! We’ll gather them all and send them along to her, and she will then pick her favorites and answer them on video which we’ll premiere right here on Celebuzz.

Just leave a comment below, and check back soon for Shay’s Celebrity Mailbag response! Be sure to check out Shay's website for more -- and Like her on Facebook too! 

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  • Lilli

    Do you smoke and if so, why?

  • Sonali Sanghvi
    Sonali Sanghvi

    Do any of Emily's character traits resemble you?

  • Shauna

    I'm the girl with the tattoo of a quote you said, that also includes your name. My question is "What were you thinking when you found out about the tattoo?"

  • Kandice Hammitt
    Kandice Hammitt

    Hey Shay, seems like everybody is asking just about the same thing but I would like to know, would you ever befriend a fan?

  • Yara Mebsaleh
    Yara Mebsaleh

    Tell me any fashion advice ?! your dresses are amazing :))

  • Alyssa Trujillo
    Alyssa Trujillo

    Shay, I know you love to read so what are some of your favorite books?

  • celine silao
    celine silao

    if you are like emily in real life would you like to date girls too?? are you proud that you are a filipino??

  • Caitlin Inglis
    Caitlin Inglis

    What is your favourite quote that you live by? :)

  • Ingryd Machado de Oliveira
    Ingryd Machado de Oliveira

    Could you visit more cities in Brazil??

  • Ingryd Machado de Oliveira
    Ingryd Machado de Oliveira

    Could you visit more cities in Brazil???

  • Sabrina Sgro
    Sabrina Sgro

    What inspired you to start acting? What are your pet peeves?

  • Fernanda Godinho
    Fernanda Godinho

    Hi Shay! I am a BIG Brazilian fan, and I'd like to know if there's any difference between seeing yourself in a PLL billboard/poster at the series begining and nowadays?

  • karma

    paul walker

  • monica g
    monica g

    What is your ultimate goal to achieve?

  • monica g
    monica g

    what kind of books you like to read in spare time?

  • kulover25

    Hi Shay! I am gay just like Emily and on PLL it seems she always has a girlfriend so I was thinking you may have some good advice to help me get a girlfriend? Thanks and btw I have the biggest celebrity crush on you! :-D

  • Helena Dixon
    Helena Dixon

    how did you start your acting career and what advice for others and you rock u inspire me

  • kiera

    What would you suggest to a hopeful actress? Were you nervous when you first started out?

  • Denise Mercado
    Denise Mercado

    What inspired you to be passionate about helping people, especially those who have been forced to slavery?

  • Eden Hope Iro
    Eden Hope Iro

    i love you shay mitchell :) im your biggest fan and when can we find out who -A ia?

  • Yara Mebsaleh
    Yara Mebsaleh

    Would you like to say something to your fans ??

  • Sana Ahmed
    Sana Ahmed

    hi shay like for all of us u are our inspiration....who is your inspiration and why?love you shay

  • Megan

    The steamy scenes u had with Bianca was so real and passionate. Was it awkward doing those scenes?

  • Milo Talon Cameron
    Milo Talon Cameron

    Was it difficult to make the transition to America from Canada to further your acting dreams? I am from Canada (SK!) and want to be an actor as well :)

  • monica

    are you dating keegan are just friends?

  • Isobelle Caterer
    Isobelle Caterer

    Hi Shay! What advice do you have for aspiring actors? Any tips or helpful words? xo

  • monica

    Are you single?

  • Letícia

    When you come to Brazil? Want to come this year? Know that many people here admire your work and love to Pretty Little Liars! We love you! A kiss from all over Brazil

  • kiera

    What t.v shows do YOU like to watch? Much love from Canada <3!

  • Kylie Formosa
    Kylie Formosa

    Will you ever come to Malta? such a beautiful island!

  • chris

    why don't you really post anything on your website

  • desiree

    what is going on with your dating life

  • Yara Mebsaleh
    Yara Mebsaleh

    From the PLL cast .. who do you love the most and why ?

  • Yara Mebsaleh
    Yara Mebsaleh

    how i can ever talk with you ? . I live in Jordan , and i don't think that you will come here ! ? and i want to say that .. really shay you are amazing , incredible and beautiful girl . You are my hero and i love you so much <33

  • sabrina s.
    sabrina s.

    where do you see yourself in a couple of years :)

  • mafcho

    hey beautiful Shay.I'm turning 18 years today I want to know what is your favourite way of celebrating your birthday? And I love you girl I hope I keep seeing you on TV <3 :)

  • Gabby Potter
    Gabby Potter

    Hi! my name is Gabriella and I jus wanted to say how my I enjoy watching pll....hope everything is good with you! my question to you is Who inspires you? Thanks xoxox

  • Julija Sudimac
    Julija Sudimac

    Would you date a girl in real life? And how can bring people to stop hating on me just because I'm gay?

  • Kelly Nemeh
    Kelly Nemeh

    Do you remember when you came to New York and you and Troian got scared because I screamed? Sorry about that lol <3

  • Kelly Nemeh
    Kelly Nemeh

    Do you remember when you came to NY and you got scared because I screamed? Lol

  • Yara Mebsaleh
    Yara Mebsaleh

    Do you want to act in a film someday ? if yes ... with who you would like to act /.?

  • Sara Soto
    Sara Soto

    How it does feel work with Maya? Please pick my question !!!!!! I'm your fan # 1 !!!!! I love you. You're pretty bye

  • Nina Ninoušek Pricová
    Nina Ninoušek Pricová

    What was the most beautiful place you have ever visited?? :)) And which place you wanna visit? :-)

  • Yara Mebsaleh
    Yara Mebsaleh

    What would you do if you had a person like "A" in the real life ?

  • Tuğçe Konyalı
    Tuğçe Konyalı

    The biggest decision in your life?

  • Therese Petit Lasangre Moquera
    Therese Petit Lasangre Moquera

    when will you visit the Philippines? your Filipino fans would be thrilled if you could visit here in the Philippines, spend a vacation, do some endorsements, charity works or the like... is there more intense bed scenes of Emily and Maya in PLL?

  • Tuğçe Konyalı
    Tuğçe Konyalı

    Will Samara return to Em?

  • Jess

    If you are allowed to make 3 wishes what would they ?

  • eunice

    what is your night wear? i mean do you wear just pajamas or a sexy nighties?

  • Sonali Sanghvi
    Sonali Sanghvi

    Hey Shay <3 I'm a great fan of yours. Love your work in PLL. You're very beautiful. Um, i don't have a question, but I sure do have a request. Please please please come to Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania (E.Africa) soon! You have many fans here as well. Thanks. Hoping to see you soon. ILOVEYOU <3

  • hannukha

    Salut Shay, Ce n'est pas un peu angoissant, de voir tout ce monde qui souhaite en savoir plus sur toi, par rapport à des choses plutôt personnelle (comme ta sexualité etc)? Et en plus, parfois même en français!! ;) It's not alarming? All this people which wants to know everything about you? Private Things (sexuality etc.)! Sometimes in French! ;) Good Job and good luck!

  • Jess

    If you could make a short appearance on a tvshow, which will be your choice ? And why ? (sorry for my bad english)

  • Alyssa

    Hi Shay! I adore everything that you do, you're such an inspiring person. My question is, what tips do you have to keep energetic throughout the day?

  • Ananda Wattimena
    Ananda Wattimena

    What genuinely inspires you to get out of bed in the morning everyday?

  • Maddy G.
    Maddy G.

    A lot of us want to know more about you being Filipino what was it like growing up having Filipino mother did she teach you a lot about the culture and did you sometimes end up pointing at things with your lips if you don't understand what I meant its really just a stereotype that Filipinos point with their lips when they want to show people something. Haha that was long :)

  • eunice

    who is your first girl kiss?is it bianca? and are you open to be bi?

  • Iman Hoglin
    Iman Hoglin

    Shay, what do you think is the most important moral or value a person should have? Do you have any religious beliefs? And last question is... Do you know how to speak Fillipino?? xox

  • Sabrina Sgro
    Sabrina Sgro

    what is a description of your typical day on set of pretty little liars? :)

  • Tommy Tankson
    Tommy Tankson

    What type of guy you want in your life???

  • jen

    Love PLL <3 you play the roll flawlessly i think that your roll is special compared to the other girls , did you find it hard playing the roll as a lesbian kissing other girls on screen ? if you had a chance to redo everything what character would you play? :)

  • Jenna Polinsky
    Jenna Polinsky

    On the show do you and the cast of pretty little liars know who A is or do you find out at the same time the viewers do?

  • shiv18

    Hey Shay. My question to you is would you date someone younger than you ?

  • Kailyn

    If you didn't get a role in PLL where do you think you would be?

  • Dingdi Qo
    Dingdi Qo

    Who do u want Emily to end up with. Are u a Emaya fan because its a lot of us out here. same here. Maya doesn't come back to season3. Is this a truth or just a rumor?

  • Tamy Tobar
    Tamy Tobar

    *Im sure you now feel proud of Emily!! but was it at the beggining hard decision to accept the role?? or not?? you are a great actress Shay!! Keep it up!! #LYtons :)

  • Jordan Daskam
    Jordan Daskam

    You do such an amazing job at playing Emily, making the character believable and showing love for not only Maya but for the other two girls, was it difficult for you at the start to play Emily and show such great emotions.

  • Jordan Daskam
    Jordan Daskam

    If you could pick any role on Pretty Little Liars beside Emily who whould you chose and why?

  • Jenna

    What is some advice you can give for junior high/high school girls? (breakups,e.t.c)

  • Tiffany Fulford
    Tiffany Fulford

    I'm a college student moving to California next year to study; Do have any advice, and what was the biggest adjustment you had to make?

  • monica

    In your opinion is maya and emily have what it takes to make their relationship work?

  • Stephanie Hogan
    Stephanie Hogan

    What's it like acting with Bianca Lawson?

  • Mariela Cerda
    Mariela Cerda

    How do you think Maya's bisexuality was handled by Emily in the latest episode?

  • monica

    if you could live or travel anyplace in the world where would it be? Luv the show

  • Melanie Boyce
    Melanie Boyce

    How old were you when you started acting?

  • Kim

    What would be your dream roll to play? Which roll/character 'type' would be the most challenging to play?

  • gleeklovato

    Hey Shay! Well,are you excited to visit Brazil? What cities and how long you guys are gonna be here?

  • Mack

    if you could play another role on Pretty Little Liars, who would you play?

  • Rachella Mae Rubio
    Rachella Mae Rubio

    what keeps you pretty? :))

  • Rachella Mae Rubio
    Rachella Mae Rubio

    what keeps you pretty?? :))

  • chocolattte

    Hi Shay! Here is my question for you : do you like brunettes,brownes or blondes guys ? And after you picked please tell us a boy that in your opinion is the hottest[based on the hair color you choosed] . Thanks ! Romania loves you !

  • Estefanía

    Shay! you were in Barcelona? What do you think about Spain?You will visit us? Love you Shay,good job in Pretty little liars!Awesome tv serie:)

  • Luciana de Paula
    Luciana de Paula

    How did you meet the Somaly Mam Foundation? And how are you involved with it?

  • Krystal Rose
    Krystal Rose

    How does it feel to know you completely changed peoples lives? You influence so many of us each and every single day.

  • Miruna Boghici
    Miruna Boghici

    Can you relate to Emily's style?If you could choose..what role whould you have on Pretty Little Liars?

  • Karen C
    Karen C

    Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

  • Aisha Kassim
    Aisha Kassim

    Is it weird working with your mom and playing the role of a lesbian? Btw you inspire me :)

  • mafcho

    What is your oppinion about Naya Rivera have you met her ? What is your resolution for this year?

  • nikkiswagg13

    do yu like girls in real life too ? jus a question

  • Kelly King
    Kelly King

    What is your favorite Billie Holiday record and which one was playing in the background when you did the ustream chat with Keegan?

  • Krystal Rose
    Krystal Rose

    What do you think of all the fan art work you receive?

  • mafcho

    Have you ever been attracted to another girl ?

  • Kenneth Townsend
    Kenneth Townsend

    How has your life been since you became a star?

  • Maribel Vega
    Maribel Vega

    Are you really into girls? Or is it just the character you play? If so, was it difficult to play someone who was into girls?

  • joshua

    shay if you like wrestling who would your favorite wrestler be

  • Brittany Mercury
    Brittany Mercury

    Are you thinking about doing movies??

  • Lauren Silverberg
    Lauren Silverberg

    Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

  • Ausra Girdauskaite
    Ausra Girdauskaite

    Are you happy?

  • becky

    how do you keep your skin so smooth and lush

  • becky

    Where you the popular girl at school? or the dork? cuz i know alot of girls that have turned from dorks to mega stars

  • Monica Austinismine Mahone
    Monica Austinismine Mahone

    How long does it usually take you to memorize your lines for an episode of PLL? And how do you overcome nervousness? Because I have to memorize a long monologue for drama, and I'm pretty nervous because I know that once I get up on stage, I'll probably end up forgetting my lines/:

  • Angelin

    Huge fan, what is your life time goal and why?

  • Denise Mercado
    Denise Mercado

    What is your favourite Filipino food and favourite place in the Philippines? :)

  • Amy

    is it akward doing the scenes with Maya? and will you be coming to london?

  • Far Isha
    Far Isha

    your cousin (Lea Salonga) is a singer, and your brother (Sean) has his own band.. Don't you think to be involve in music industry one day, since it is in your blood :) .. by the way i love your appearances in Sean Paul and jDiggz :)

  • Andrea Lisa
    Andrea Lisa

    you have passion towards performing art since you were five, what makes you interested in this at the first place? and who always support you?

  • Andrea Lisa
    Andrea Lisa

    you always inspires others to do something good about their lives, but who inspired your life the most?

  • Andrea Lisa
    Andrea Lisa

    Have you ever been told by someone not to pursue whatever that you always dream about? if yes, how you fight back?

  • Destiny Adams
    Destiny Adams

    Who do u want Emily to end up with. Are u a Emaya fan because its a lot of us out here

  • destiny

    Who do u want Emily to end up with. Are u with the Emaya fans.

  • gabbyperry14

    You are my biggest celebrity inspiration. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. What message do you hope to portray to the LGBTQ audience through your role as Emily on PLL and your work in the NoH8 cause? To your general audience?

  • Deniss Lagunas V.
    Deniss Lagunas V.

    If you could change something of the world. Would it be??

  • Anna B
    Anna B

    I don't have a question. I just want to thank you for doing that It Gets Better PSA! That's actually how I started watching PLL and now it's one of my favorite shows. Your storyline has helped me so much in my coming out process. So thanks to you, Marlene King and the cast/crew!! :)

  • Alyssa Trujillo
    Alyssa Trujillo

    Hey Shay :] I just want to thank you in advance if you happen to choose to answer my question and I want you to know that you are a major role model in my life. I know you are very involved with several causes but I wanted to know if you would ever consider becoming involved with domestic violence awareness? It is a cause that hits very close to home with me and I think you would be an amazing spokesperson for it! ♥ you!

  • Elyse Reynolds
    Elyse Reynolds

    What inspired you to get into the acting buisness and start acting? At what age?

  • Elyse Reynolds
    Elyse Reynolds

    What insoired you to get into the acting buisness and start acting?

  • Karla Sanchez Martinez
    Karla Sanchez Martinez

    how do you stay in that gorgeous shape? any diet or daily rutine?

  • Audrey Valy
    Audrey Valy

    Have you ever been to Paris? Much love from France <3

  • Audrey Valy
    Audrey Valy

    Will you come to Paris? Because your french fans reaaly wants to see you <3 Much love from France :)

  • mariners14

    what type of music do you listen to?

  • Mandis

    What do you think you have in common with Emily? Please visit Peru someday !! ;)

  • Lilu

    What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you :)? Xo, love from The Netherlands!

  • Lilu

    Opinion on having Bianca as your co-star :) ? I really love the chemistry between you and her. <3 Xo

  • Kandy Jayda
    Kandy Jayda

    On your days off from work..what are the things you like to do for fun??

  • Isabella Nobre
    Isabella Nobre

    What do you think about Brazil?

  • Kyra Regpala
    Kyra Regpala

    Are you proud being a Filipino? :)

  • Diana Tapia
    Diana Tapia

    After playing a lesbian on PLL has it changed your perspective on your sexuality? Would you consider dating a woman?

  • Maddy G.
    Maddy G.

    What are your favorite Filipino foods and are you Tagalog or Ilokano?

  • Ella Marielle
    Ella Marielle

    Lucky people who met you says you're insanely pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, cute (i'm on all of the above :D ) but how do you want to be describe?

  • Joanne Anthony
    Joanne Anthony

    what are u fav hair products to use?

  • Giovana Giannini
    Giovana Giannini

    Did you expect all the success that Pretty Little Liars are having in many parts of the world? How do you feel about being famous internationally? Brazil loves you!

  • Kandy Jayda
    Kandy Jayda

    You seem more comfortable with your role this season as Emily, Why is that?? <3

  • Giovana Giannini
    Giovana Giannini

    Do you know any brazilian song or artist? :) If not, when you come to Brazil, the brazilian fans can show you some brazilian music!

  • Kandy Jayda
    Kandy Jayda

    What about Emily's character you think makes the fans relate to and love her so much?

  • Luciana de Paula
    Luciana de Paula

    Do you have a role model?

  • giovanagiannini

    If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Brazil loves you!

  • Apple Jane
    Apple Jane

    What other role you are interested with? :)

  • Giovana Giannini
    Giovana Giannini

    What do you think about the love showed by the fans? Do you have idols that you feel the same that we feel for you? Brazil loves you!

  • Giovana Giannini
    Giovana Giannini

    How much excited are you about coming to Brazil so soon? :) What cities are you going to? Hope we all can meet you! Love you!

  • Luciana de Paula
    Luciana de Paula

    What have you learned with your character Emily? Say hiii to Brazil!!!

  • Vicky Lam
    Vicky Lam

    How different do you think your life would be like if you weren't in Pretty Little Liars?

  • Raquel Kristhynne
    Raquel Kristhynne

    Shay when you come to Brazil, you promise that will try to talk to the maximum possible fan?!

  • ntaglemusic

    If someone decided to produce a movie about your life story, who would you choose to play you?

  • Bruna Cristine
    Bruna Cristine

    what you expect from your trip to Brazil?

  • Linda J. Pooley
    Linda J. Pooley

    Because of your celebrity, how do you feel about the impact as a role model you can have on other teens and young adults' lives?

  • Dingdi Qo
    Dingdi Qo

    Awesome! See you playing Emily so well. Thank you for bring some steamy scenes this Monday. I just want to say thank you for being Emily. You do a good job!

  • Talia Fermantez
    Talia Fermantez

    Have you ever been to Hawaii?

  • Jhonavie Asher Alloso
    Jhonavie Asher Alloso

    hey shay! i heard you have filipina blood. i was just wondering if you have any plans of visiting here in the Philippines? i would be very glad to see you shay. i'm really a fan! :)

  • Chyko

    Where's the place in Asia that you wanna visit? And what will you really wanna do with your one big fans? ex: hanging out with your fans, have some vocation together, or what? I'm Indonesian :)

  • Feli Rimini
    Feli Rimini

    What did you think when they told you you had to actually kiss women? Did you feel comfortable doing it?

  • ntaglemusic

    Who has been your biggest inspiration in life? I love you by the way, you're amazing!

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Have you read the Pretty Little Liars books series?

  • Luly Marquez
    Luly Marquez

    How is it your so awesome?

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Any new upcoming projects besides Pretty Little Liars?

  • Heloísa Neves
    Heloísa Neves

    What are you did to be a famous girl? Because someday I’ll be there … I don’t know how, but I will ! So I want a tip how I get there … please help me Shay :) I'm Brazilian

  • Heloísa Neves
    Heloísa Neves

    What are you did to be a famous girl? Because someday I'll be there ... I don't know how, but I will ! So I want a tip how I get there ... please help me Shay :)

  • Sophie

    Do you have a different perception of sexuality (your own or otherwise) after playing a lesbian?

  • Sophie McGhie
    Sophie McGhie

    Brunette or ginger?

  • Carmesha

    Are you Single?

  • Jana Maghribi
    Jana Maghribi

    is it awkward to have to play a lesbian?

  • Maggie

    What products do you use to keep your skin as nice as it is?

  • Elle

    What do you think is the greatest thing about playing Emily? :)

  • Courtney

    If you had another job what would it be?

  • Ilze

    Who is your celebrity crush?