Channing Tatum Gets a Smooch from a Female Fan (PHOTOS)

Oh Channing Tatum, as if you couldn’t get any hotter, you’re a nice celeb too!

This morning, Channing was a guest on Live with Kelly promoting his movie, The Vow which co-stars Rachel McAdams. After the show, the hunk was spotted signing autographs for fans and even took pictures with some VERY lucky females. He even got a quick smooch from one of his fans -- and he didn't seem to mind. 

The actor looked relaxed in a dark pair of jeans, green long sleeve shirt, gray blazer and black sneakers. Check out our gallery of Channing outside the set greeting his fans.

Channing’s other highly anticipated film this year is Magic Mike, which is based off his life as a male stripper.

The film also stars Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConnagy and White Collar actor Matt Bomer and is set to be released at the end of June. Check out some of their steamy on-set pics below.



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  • Joohee

    LOL! He is so cute! Maybe you should buy more Popsicles? I can not get a decnet picture of my grandbaby, but I have hundreds of pictures of the back of her head or of her running away...


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