'Hunger Games' Book Club--Chapter 15! (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz's 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! Today we bring you chapter 15 from our book club.

Katniss just launched her tracker jacker attack, but also got stung in the process. We left off with Peeta saving Katniss' life so of course her feelings get more complicated.

However, there is one big, big development in chapter 15! Katniss forms an alliance with another tribute. Any guesses who the lucky girl or guy might be?

Click the video above to find out (and big thanks to the awesome Hunger Games fans for their creative video)! Missed a book club? Not a problem! Check out previous chapters below.

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  • anthony

    you put up ch16 but we dont know what happened in ch15

  • Angela Zhang
    Angela Zhang

    Please can you change this.... :)

  • egrieco

    you put the video up TWICE -_-

  • samantha may
    samantha may

    wrong video...wheres ch15?

  • Angie

    I think the video is wrong..... I thought it was chp 15 not the tribute training.... :S

  • Angela Zhang
    Angela Zhang

    Ahh we're getting closer to the cave parts <3 Peeta and Katniss for a whole five chapters aw. I love that part....