Joe Jonas Takes Mystery Girl to Dinner in Malibu (PHOTOS)

And now, for a collective sad face from young girls across the world.

On Sunday, Joe Jonas was spotted grabbing dinner with a mystery lady in Malibu. The casual duo looked extra-casual as they made their way to the tasty-sounding Café Habana. Joe wore a white t-shirt and cargo pants, while his lady friend wore a midriff-baring tank-top and distressed jeans.

No word on who the mystery lady actually is, though we're sure you'll speculate in the comments anyway.

Check out photos of Joe and dinner date in our gallery now, and see his other past ladies below!



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  • Diandra

    i been waiting for a long time to talk to him some one please show me how

  • Diandra

    i want to date him

  • Tina

    It's definitly Andrea Stickel. just google andrea stickel and joe jonas. pictures come up of the same girl and joe.

  • Tina

    She doesnt have the same mouth as Martha.

  • Emma Hynes
    Emma Hynes

    Maybe this girl is just a typical girl, and maybe it's time that Joe dated someone that isn't famous and besides they seem really happy together and Joe deserves to be happy, he's a really nice guy and he deserves a girl that will love him for him, not someone that will use him and break his heart for example; Camilla Belle, Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato.

  • julia

    Noooo! she is so hypocrite & inmature! demi is a drug addict too. Joe deserves a normal woman and sane!

  • Cece30

    I dont think its Martha she is 6' tall this girl isn't

  • rebecca

    No. It's a model named Martha Patterson

  • rebecca

    I most totally agree with you, Demi is the right (and only) girl for Joe.

  • rebecca

    I agree, they are just friends!

  • Klinf

    The only girl I can see Joe with is Demi Lovato, she is the right one for him.

  • Cece30

    I think it's Andrea Stickel! The girl he tweeted about. I want it to be her she seems so nice I read something about her being a humanitarian starting a charity as a freshman in high school

  • JJReeder

    Last Jobro is taken. Oh, well. End of an era. Can't Disney come up with some more singing brothers to replace them? I'm surprised they haven't already, cause it is a great concept.

  • alex

    it's just another episode of dulce and renee, they hung out, it doesn't mean they are dating.

  • katta

    I just hope that this girl isn't Martha Patterson because that's a bitch. I don't want another bitch who only use Joe.

  • miss.rouso

    cute. she's beautiful!

  • Johana

    Joe is still single! She is just a friend!!!