Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Megan & Liz Anything!

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Celebuzz is handing the reigns over to YOU with our Celebrity Mailbag! YouTube singing sensations Megan & Liz have agreed to answer some questions for our beloved Celebuzz readers!

The twin sisters have been making music together for quite some time, and regular readers know we've been following their path to success. This past year, they've released their own original songs and videos, as well as becoming active in the anti-bullying campaign with DoSomething.org.

Now you have a chance to ask them anything!

So, how can you submit your burning questions?

Simply “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and enter your question for M&L in the comments section below! We’ll gather them all and send them along to her, and she will then pick her favorites and answer them on video which we’ll premiere right here on Celebuzz.

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  • Anna

    Megan do you wear contacts?

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams

    Megan will you go out with me?

  • iheartcady

    Who inspires you guys the most?

  • Aimee

    Which YouTube artist would you most like to collab with? What do you think when you look back at your old originals?

  • Ganna Talaat
    Ganna Talaat

    Hi Megan & Liz , i'm Ganna i'm from Egypt and i'm huge fan of you and your songs are awesome so my question is when you write ur songs where do u get the lyrics the idea of the song ? :))

  • Katelyn Marie
    Katelyn Marie

    Hi!!! So if you were Stranded on an Island for one year what are three things you would each bring? And Also can you please come to Buffalo New York you have TONS of fans here!!<333

  • Alicia

    If you could guest star on any TV series, what would it be?

  • Alicia

    What is your favorite part about your job? Is it tour, recording songs, writing songs, etc...?

  • Joanna

    Most awkward fan experience?

  • Kate21

    I've got 4 questions :D Do you have any animals? What camera do you use for your covers? Where do you make your Beauty videos? :) Do you have a celebrity crush? :D love you! xoxo

  • Megil Yeah
    Megil Yeah

    What are your favourite sports? :)

  • Isidora Ćirić
    Isidora Ćirić

    1.st of all. THANK YOU LIZ FOR REPLYING ME ON TWITTER <3 2. follow me on twitter @DoraLove123 3. (QUESTION) : How's your love life? ;) <3

  • Corina Koutela
    Corina Koutela

    hey megan and liz...i might be one of your biggest fan here in greece...and i have 1 simple question... has glory changed you???do you have changed your behavior?? (do you believe that now that you are famous you do not need to spend time with some of your friends that are not that good? ) and if you don't....do you think that in the future you will change?

  • Allis Nguyen
    Allis Nguyen

    MEGAN! Show us how you do your eyeshadow!!

  • Catrina Martinez
    Catrina Martinez

    First off, you guys are amazing! So my question is: When you guys are writing songs, how does it work? Does one of you start writing and then the other feeds off of that or do you each write your own sections?

  • Papillion Cabret
    Papillion Cabret

    How was your day today? Haha I love you guys and you should come to Wisconsin.

  • Mosammet Asma
    Mosammet Asma

    Do you guys wear contacts? I noticed Megan have glasses for reading. Just wondering ;). Whats your favorite pie? What kind of job would you prefer other than being singers? Most awkward situation with a fan? Next time you'll come to NYC? I love you guys, Please follow me @Miaamazing Ta!

  • Paola Duran
    Paola Duran

    Is your sisters name Emily? And I think you should kiss over 13

  • Paola Duran
    Paola Duran

    Can you guys come over to my house and we can have the best time ever?! :o

  • rola

    who did u become famous plz tell me my youtube channel is so empty how did u start i love ur videos

  • Anonymous :D
    Anonymous :D

    Hi Megan & Liz! My question is.... how tall are you guys? & when is your birthday? Also, can you come to Garden Grove? :)

  • Jolene Jasmin
    Jolene Jasmin

    What age did you know that singing would want to be one of your career? Also if you get older would you consider another career beside singing?

  • Molly

    Do you think you would ever have a World Tour someday?

  • meganlizfan

    Megan and Liz! First of all, I just wanna say that you guys are my idol and it is my dream to have you answer one of my questions on a video so here it goes: Would you guys ever consider coming to Centralia, IL? Do you guys ever fight or not agree on something when you are singing? I hope you answer one of my questions!

  • Anna Soso Lor
    Anna Soso Lor

    Shout outs for my little 2 sister from Minnesota. Tiffany and Tina.

  • Anna Soso Lor
    Anna Soso Lor

    Hey Megan and Liz What's your phone number?? How did your camera thing become so cool and like all the microphone? Can you guys come to WISCONSIN. If you could that would make my life so awesome. If you guys can send me a message on my facebook

  • Jenna

    do you have a favorite original song that you have written? and do you prefer singing originals or covers? love you girls!!! :)

  • Felicia Uriostegui Smith
    Felicia Uriostegui Smith

    Will you guys ever come back to saint louis??What songs will be out in your album and when is it coming out???

  • Tara, CA
    Tara, CA

    What's the coolest thing a fan has done for you?

  • Alexis, CA
    Alexis, CA

    What was the most unforgettable show you've played? Why? =)

  • Karen, MA
    Karen, MA

    What was the coolest gift you've received from a fan?

  • jood

    can u come to saudi Arabia or dubai I really want to see you Live :(

  • Megan Vignola
    Megan Vignola

    When did you guys first realize that you were becoming more than just YouTube singers and really say to yourself that what you're doing is becoming legit? :)

  • Haley Stramel
    Haley Stramel

    What's the most played song on your iphones?:)

  • Sydney Kate McQuown
    Sydney Kate McQuown

    Hi guys! I am a bigggg fan! I was wondering if you would ever come to Hershey, PA and do a tour with Taylor Swift or something! Thanks.

  • selin

    i have too much questions but i'm gonna ask 3 of them -can You add me on Facebook selin basak gungor - what is your favorite color -how can You be so beautiful...

  • Derek L.
    Derek L.

    Hey Megan & Liz, My name is Derek Lieu! I'm 21 years old and I'm from Poway, CA! I just wanted to know what town and state are you girls from. Please let me know and I'll see you very soon! Your biggest fan, Derek Lieu

  • Claire

    Hey Megan and Liz! First off, I'm a HUGE fan! xD My first question is how did you get your management deal and could you explain a little how that works? Also, how do your writing sessions fit in with that? Are you paid to write in those sessions or are you paying co-writers to work with you? Love you! :D

  • Alexis

    Hey, I LOVE you both! Me and my sister also sing, but anyways when do you think is the right age to kiss?

  • Janel

    Imagine is on here white bracelet :)

  • Janel

    Have you guys ever considered doing house/birthday parties?

  • Erin

    Do you guys ever think you'll go worldwide and come to to uk and our you trying to do that ?

  • Aliya Aryavong
    Aliya Aryavong

    Hi I am such HUGE fan of you guys and my question for you guys is.....ARE YOU EVER GOING TO COME TO CANADA AND HAVE A CANADIAN TOUR!!!???

  • Christina

    For Megan, I love the way you're hair is I want something different with my hair , do you go to a salon and get it cut? or do u cut it you're self? Thanks!!

  • Maite Lopez Perez
    Maite Lopez Perez

    Did you reference to Demi Lovato when you sing STAY STRONG in your song called "Girl's life"? Come to Spainnnnnn! xoxo

  • Bethany Chance
    Bethany Chance

    are you guys altos or sopranos??

  • kezia

    If you could write an original song with any artist who would it be? what do you hope to accomplish this year?

  • Emma

    What's on your ipods?

  • Garoa Martinez :D
    Garoa Martinez :D

    Hello Megan and Liz ! :D I am your fan since you do the cover of "When I look at you", this was youe first video that I seen and I like it so much so I inmediately suscribed to you channel :) I see that you improve so much. And how people start helping you recording videos ? One day they call you and say that or how ? :) Summarizing ... how do you get improving and getting people that organize all your tours or events ? Thank you hope that this comment is one of your favorites :D :D

  • Zoe Etches
    Zoe Etches

    Do you think your life would be any different if Megan was called Liz and Liz was called Megan?

  • Garoa ;)
    Garoa ;)

    How did you get becomig famous ? Can you do "A girl's life" acoustic ? :D

  • Estefanía Pereira
    Estefanía Pereira

    I know that you are making a new album! .. and probably, do you think that can do a tour? but not only in US in other countries? I love you guys! <3

  • Julie Fahey
    Julie Fahey

    Hey Megan and Liz, First of all, love the song 'Happy Never After'. And second are you discovered by artists, and if you are, are you making an album??? I really wanna meet you guys, but i'm in Canada!!!

  • Somaia Eb
    Somaia Eb

    Hi Megan & Liz , I'm a huge fan from Belgium since 2009. I wanted to ask you what / who inspired you the most to play music? Also have you ever been put down because of someone/something and decided to take a 'break' from working on your dream? One more question: what's it like working on an album you don't really know how it will turn out? When your album comes out , will you go on a promo tour to promote your album? I hope you reply to one of my questions ...... lovelovelove, Somaia from Belgium :)

  • Emily Newcombe
    Emily Newcombe

    you guys* and love your songs*

  • Emily Newcombe
    Emily Newcombe

    Hey Megan & Liz, I have been a fan of your guys for a while now and i absolutely love you songs and you both have beautiful voices. My question is kind of two questions, What/Who inspired you to start making YouTube videos and would you ever consider touring in Canada? Love both you guys keep up the great work you two are gonna go far! xoxo Emily

  • Chloe

    Hey Megan and Liz, Liz do u wear contacts and have u got a boyfriend Megan boyfriend?? who wuld u most like to do a cover with ? And hows Addy? And FYI i love A girls life amazingxx Much love from England Chloe xoxoxoxo

  • Liz DeSanctis
    Liz DeSanctis

    What would you say to the people from your high school that didn't believe you could per sue music? them or the haters at your old school.

  • Daniel

    you should follow me at dan2sexy4u32 :)

  • Celia

    Megan & Liz!! I really love you and all of your songs and covers. I prefer your versions than the original songs, but my question is: What will you do in a few years (or months)? ¿Will you do an album with a record company? Will you still on youtube? I hope so. Would you like to act in a movie or appear on TV? I love your new song "A girl's life"! kisses from Spain!

  • teki

    Liz: What is writen on your white bracelt? Megan: How many guitars u have? P.S. You 2 r beautiful...I ♥ U.... P.P.S. tnx Liz for tweeting me... (Celebrety stuff) <3 xoxo

  • Jemmamacex

    Do macers mean the world to you guys?<3

  • Jemmamacex

    Where is your dream place to go on tour in the world?<3

  • Megil Yeah
    Megil Yeah

    Do you have boyfriends?? :P

  • Daniela Marmugi
    Daniela Marmugi

    Can you make a cover that have Megan playing the guitar and Liz playing the piano? I love you xoxo

  • Daniela Marmugi
    Daniela Marmugi

    Do you like write your own songs more than do covers? Because Macers love your originals video! Which is your favourite video, and why? Can you tell us something about the new album and of the new original songs? P.S. I love you guys xoxo :)

  • Becky Appleby
    Becky Appleby

    what are you favourite animals? x

  • Lauren Chessar
    Lauren Chessar

    Oh and also, where do you get your inspirations from, for your songs, they are all so good, and i love writing, just never have anything to write about :(<3

  • Brittany Nardi
    Brittany Nardi

    Megan: When you go to the hair dresser how do you get your hair cut? It's really cute and I <3 it!

  • Joëlle Raza
    Joëlle Raza

    Do you have hidden talents?

  • Lauren Chessar
    Lauren Chessar

    I'm planning on putting up video's of me singing on YouTube, have you got any advice on how to get views and things like that?♥

  • Laura L
    Laura L

    Hi ! First I would like to say that I absolutely enjoy your music. I would like to ask you "What about a french song ?". Thank you for reading my comment. xoxo

  • Abel Valdez Junior
    Abel Valdez Junior

    Would you ever do a cover for Nelly's "Just a Dream"?

  • Sarah Trotter
    Sarah Trotter

    What are your guys prized possessions?

  • Sarah Trotter
    Sarah Trotter

    She's dating Connor from Before You Exit

  • Abel Valdez Junior
    Abel Valdez Junior

    Ok I'm a big fan, I've been meaning to ask. If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would he, she or they be?

  • b1zzybone

    You two shoud collab with Cimorelli! I think I would die if I saw that in my Subbox. Also, Y U TWO SO BEAUTIFUL?

  • Kelly

    Will you put your acoustic version of your cover “I Like It Like That” on youtube?

  • Joëlle Raza
    Joëlle Raza

    Do you still want to be signed or do you prefer being indie?

  • TawniClark

    how is your new song? and when it appears? I'm a fan of Russia, we have prepared you a surprise birthday present, which to you have not seen yet = ( Russia Love You<3 @ TawniClark

  • Kelly King
    Kelly King

    Will you put an acoustic version of your cover "I Like It Like That" on youtube?

  • Caitlin Stonehouse
    Caitlin Stonehouse

    PLEASE come to Toronto????

  • Chelsea Anna Perkins
    Chelsea Anna Perkins

    If you girls had one wish what would wish for?

  • Anissa Azeez
    Anissa Azeez

    I'm a later fan, but I'm wondering a friend and I are starting a YouTube channel, and I'm wondering how you guys get to have so many subscribers and views! I'd really like to have people see our talent!

  • Caitlin Stonehouse
    Caitlin Stonehouse

    Any advice for other young budding songwriters? Good songwriting techniques?

  • Brett Sullivan
    Brett Sullivan

    Will you guys ever come to the Cleveland, Ohio area? And Megan will you be my girlfriend? <3

  • Gintare Kalibataite
    Gintare Kalibataite

    Hey Megan,Hey Liz. Well I have Just 1 Question. Do you have a boyfriend? if yes PLEASE show him to us!! if no Who(from all the celebrities) wud you like to date?

  • Mikala Fortin
    Mikala Fortin

    If you were to get a tattoo, what would you get, and where??? Love you guys! ~Mikala from Rhode Island

  • Niel Lambert
    Niel Lambert

    Would you rather appear in a video with green or blue hair?

  • Niel Lambert
    Niel Lambert

    Do you visit YouTubers that your fans recommend?

  • Niel Lambert
    Niel Lambert

    What would you say your most awkward moment during a performance was?

  • Daniel

    Liz Mace would you be my valentine?

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    What does it feel like when you are singing in front of a crowd, and they are singing your words back to you?

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    How was your colab with Allstar Weekend's Zach Porter? Have you met him since he sung vocals for your song? Will he be in the music video for the song? Any new exciting colabs in the future, or for your new album?

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Woo!! I love you Megan and Liz! Huge fan since 2009!! What are your plans with your album coming out? When? Tour? Album Name? How many songs? Are you coming to Michigan soon? I would love to meet you girls!! Congrats on all your success!!! :)