Courteney Cox Flaunts Cleavage, Gets Close to Co-Star on 'Cougar Town' Set (PHOTOS)

Penny can!

Following the admittedly awesome news that Cougar Town is returning to ABC on Feb. 14, stars Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins were spotted getting up close and personal Tuesday afternoon while on the set of the hit series.

Josh in particular put his arm around his Courteney, who wore a cleavage-bearing white dress and boots. Welcome back, indeed!

The show recently announced that Courteney's ex-husband, David Arquette, will guest on the show's season finale. He'll play "a hotel concierge who offers to help Jules [Cox] and the gang with literally anything." We can't wait to see what happens!

In the meantime, check out photos of Courteney and Josh on the set of Cougar Town on our gallery!



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  • IYon

    OMG, I have this issue bought and read cover to cover and taotlly did not realise it was your lovely self. You can now add very convincing fashion model to your portfolio. Congrats!

  • Dave

    Yep Cox's boobs are starting to sag, hey CeleBuzz its called gravity.

  • nenna

    ce picioare urate areeeeeeeeeee.....

  • Liortzipor

    I don't get why she pops herself full of botox or filling or whatever it is... she's sooo naturally beautifull and it just ruins it and looks unnatural and bloated!