Elisabetta Canalis & Steve-O Caught Making Out, See Other Random Celeb Couples (PHOTOS)

New couple alert!

It appears as though George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis, has found herself a new man in the form of Jackass star Steve-O. The duo (who both competed on Dancing With the Stars on different seasons) have been spotted around LA together recently, but were seen making out on Monday afternoon as they ran some errands together.

They wouldn't be the first couple that had people scratching their heads.

From Twilight's Nikki Reed and her American Idol alum hubby Paul McDonald to Friends' star Matthew Perry and Mean Girls' Lizzy Caplan, we've broken down Hollywood's most unexpected pairings.

And while some have since broken up (like Christina Aguilera and her ex-hubby Jordan Bratman) and some aren’t even technically “together” (we’re looking at you Kim Stewart and Benicio del Toro), take a gander through the gallery below and let us know on Twitter or Facebook — which do you think is the MOST random?



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  • Aud

    What is she doing here? Is she here on a "work" visa!

  • Sydney Duncan
    Sydney Duncan

    steve-o can do better

  • Sydney Duncan
    Sydney Duncan

    I Love Steve-O He`s hott he`s sexy but im not even gonna lie i dont think she was pretty im 12 and even when she was dating george clooney she was ugly I Think Steve-O Is To Sexy For Her But Hey That`s My Opion <3 U Steve-O

  • Choyce2020

    Barf....she is the ex of a famous A-list actor that is all she will aspire to b/c she has no talent of her own. She is lovely but soon her looks will fade then where will she be? She should be getting a better education so she can take care of herself not forever be dependent on her male partners. BTW, even if Stevie O was well hung I personally would NOT do him...do you know the multiple vile places this man's face, hands, body have been? Double barf!!!

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    And That's most women Not!! All!!!!!!! as you can obviously see through the photos above of other odd couple you say. I look at it as two very beautiful people not just one.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    Ladies the problem isnt Elisabetta the problem are the rest of you. Beauty is Skin Deep and most of you look for the exterior beauty, instead of the opposite, Some of the most Ugliest People are the ones that look at Beauty and base a relationship on it!!! Who knows maybe George wasn't cutting it Maybe Steve O. has more of a sense of humor or maybe is Elisabetta sees more in Steve O than in George Clooney.... Steve O. just might be hung like a horse . We dont know?? Do You Ladies?? I am sure it will sink in a moment.

  • BEAU

    i don't see she is beautifull at all sorry just normal looking elisabetta !

  • Selma

    From George Clooney to him, wow...

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    That hideous tattoo really takes away from her beauty....what a shame :/

  • M&Ms

    Why does she do beside her job as colony's ex ?

  • danielleakame

    WTF?!?!?!? ummm how do you go from Clooney to steve-o. yeah he is hot and all but going from a hot as balls actor to someone who staples his balls to stuff is CRAZY!!!