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Adrianne Curry Fragrance Giveaway
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Have you been looking for a fragrance that makes you the most appealing to the object of your attraction (seriously, who isn't)?!? Then you are going to love the latest Celebuzz giveaway!

Erox, launched with reality star and America’s Next Top Model Adrianne Curry, contains a combination of pheromones -- and a new revolutionary attraction compound called ER303 -- into a potent cocktail that has been clinically proven to increase feelings of arousal, excitement, social warmth and friendliness in both men and women.

We "Like" it! The scent is fresh, sleek and modern with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, pepper, lavender and amber.

Want to attract the man or woman of your dreams with just a dab of fragrance?  Here’s how to enter to win: 

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us why this fragrance is a must have for you!

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Tuesday, February 7th at 9 AM ET.

Get commenting!


Also, you can go to the Erox website and enter promo code Celebuzz to get a 20% discount!

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Default avatar
  • angela qcrazy
    angela qcrazy

    I collect perfumes!!

  • Jeanne Fairbanks Conner
    Jeanne Fairbanks Conner

    I am looking for a new scent, and I think this would be perfect for me...

  • Carol A Schelest-Wnorowski
    Carol A Schelest-Wnorowski

    It's a must have because I've never tried it and I love to try new scents!

  • TL Bell
    TL Bell

    I would love to have some of this, I like Adrianne Curry, and would love to try her perfume

  • Kathy Scott
    Kathy Scott

    I like perfume.

  • bellows22

    i love trying new fragrances

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I would love to try a new scent and the name rockx

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    I would love this because i love to collect and try all perfume's, i alway's wear perfume when i go out whether its out to dinner or just to the store, I love perfume:)

  • Lyndsey Strohl
    Lyndsey Strohl

    i'd love this because i am out of perfume :)

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson

    I'm looking for that perfect fragrance... maybe this is it!

  • traymona

    A woman can never have too many perfumes. A different scent for every mood.

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Iam going for 6 years of marriage this april and this would be a great addition to our marriage. We have two boys who obvioulsly always keep us busy, so it would be so great to have something like this where after a day of hussle and bussle we can take a bath and just sprit this on and let the rest happen. Sometimes one or the other is a little too tired but this would be a great thing to have when we just need that little extra energy or we just want that extra little attention from our partner. I really think this can make a difference in our home, please help us the parents of two hyper boys get a little extra spice in our life. :)

  • Diane Bassette
    Diane Bassette

    I love lavender! I would love to attract the animal in my hubby with this one :D

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    I bet it smells wonderful

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    Bergamot, lavender, amber ...all my scents. I'd love to try this one.

  • Desiree Violeta Villa-Quarello
    Desiree Violeta Villa-Quarello

    I have been with my husband for 21 years since I was 19 and this year I turn 40 in October...I really like to try to keep the sexy in our relationship and do anything I can to be the same fun,loving,hot woman that he fell in love with...I truly feel that with this new fragrance that Adrianne has created with the pheromones that its going to do what I try to constantly do and keep the sexiness and spark alive in our marriage my hubby always notices when there is something new about me or on me...and I get the feeling that this being on me will make him wanna get on me....LOL. Bring on the sexy fragrance!!!

  • Susan Murtha
    Susan Murtha

    I need Erox! My boyfriend and I work opposite shifts so there is very little time for "us" and also we have 4 kids so life is very hectic! It's be great to have a nice scent to help get us both a little more riled up ;)

  • Shirley Almodovar
    Shirley Almodovar

    I want it" it would b nice 2 win something 4 a change :)

  • Theresa

    This would be perfect for me because I am tired of walmart christmas dollar perfumes that smell like alcohol. I got tons for christmas years ago. I give them to my neice and anyone who will take them. I am so tired of them and would love to get rid of every single one I have left. Which is about 14. This would be perfect for me because what I have stinks more than anything ever.

  • Christina Gould
    Christina Gould

    It's a must have for me because I need a new fragrance. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Danielle Thomas
    Danielle Thomas

    I would love to have this because I think it's cool that this technology even exists!

  • njsunbunny

    I need to spice up my life and would love to try this!

  • chelyea

    I have been wearing my favorite perfume for a while now, and when I lasted visited my mom, she loved it so much, she made me order her some. I need a new fragrance because I can't be smelling like my mom! LOL

  • Jennifer

    I really want this fragrance because I read that the scent of grapefruit makes you appear to be years younger than your actual age.

  • memommon

    This fragrance would be perfect for me! I love all the notes described in it! The added attraction ingredients would be amazing too. I love to drive my hubby crazy and its almost his birthday!

  • danielleakame

    well this would be a great fragrance for me because i love the smell of grapefruit! i have the body spray but not actual perfume with it in it! love it. and plus i read somewhere citrus smells attract men! lets put it to the test!!!

  • linds82

    Woo! This sounds like something I would love to wear; a hint of fruit, with a bit of musk make for a delicate and nice scent. Would be fun to try it out!

  • ecaterina29

    i'm in need of a new fragrance and i would LOVE to put it to the test and see if it works:)

  • egood33

    I love the smell of bergamot!

  • Jamie Leigh Martin
    Jamie Leigh Martin

    I need a new honey, and I can't be smelling funny. ;p