Lily Collins Reveals Her Crush on Justin Timberlake!

| January 31, 2012 - 1:52 pm

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Lily Collins as the whimsical character.
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Lily Collins, 22, may be a glowing celebrity herself, but that doesn’t keep her from having a few celebrity crushes. Sure, she may have dated Taylor Lautner during her Abduction days, but the Mirror, Mirror actress reveals that she has had quite a few crushes over the years.

So which Hollywood stars’ posters covered her walls?
In the upcoming March issue of Seventeen–which hits shelves on February 7, she confesses:

“When I was younger, it was definitely Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. I had pictures of him and I had ‘NSYNC posted. I had the biggest crush on Justin Timberlake!”

But now that she’s a rising star, Lily reveals, “It’s weird to have celebrity crushes now because I could actually meet or work with them.”