Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Justin Bieber ‘Fear’ Remake (VIDEO)

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What the what? Rumor has it Justin Bieber wants to remake the classic ’90s film Fear, which starred a young Resse Witherspoon playing the object of psycho-stalker desire in one of Mark Wahlberg’s first major movie roles. 

Asked by MTV about her thoughts, Reese reminded us why we’re superfans of her, in general. 

“Fine. Great. That would be cool,” she said. “Would he be playing me or Mark Wahlberg?”

The. Best. Celebuzz loves a lady with a sense of humor! 

She went on to clarify, saying it would be believable if he had a crazy fan after him. 

While promote her new romantic comedy This Means War, she also made sure to compliment her costar from another film, Robert Pattinson, saying, “[Rob is] professional, hard working, so appreciative, more grateful than I’ve ever seen anyone for where he is in life.”