Who Should Replace Paula Abdul & Nicole Scherzinger on ‘The X Factor’? (PHOTOS)

There appear to be numerous shake-ups happening right now on Fox’s freshman reality series The X Factor.

In a tweet, host Steve Jones announced that he will not be returning for the show’s sophomore season. Neither will controversial judge Nicole Scherzinger, whose exit was just confirmed by a show producer, according to the LA Times.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also (admittedly unconfirmed) rumors that, yep, Paula Abdul is leaving the show, too. Yikes!

Of course, The X Factor is no stranger to change; Cheryl Cole was fired from the show shortly after auditions got underway, and was replaced by Scherzinger, who originally signed on as the show’s co-host.

Still, change can be a tough thing to deal with, and while we wait to find out if Paula really is leaving, too, we’ve offered our picks for who we’d like to see join the judges’ panel in season 2. Check them out in our gallery now!