‘Glee’ Channels Michael Jackson … And It Was Awesome (VIDEOS)

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Every once in a while there’s an episode of Glee that makes you think back to the first time you saw the show and how fun it can be. Tuesday night’s Michael Jackson themed episode was just that.

Like the memorable episodes of the past based around massive pop stars (the Britney Spears and Lady Gaga eps clearly stand out), the Michael Jackson episode was not just a home run on the music front, but also in the show’s plotline.

But first … the music.

The show opened with a crazy good performance of “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” led by a bowtie-clad Darren Criss who busted out some we-didn’t-know-he-had-it-in-him dance moves for the number. Rachel also belted out “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” as a bit of a musical answer to Finn’s proposal, while “Smooth Criminal” and “Black & White” also made the list.

Still, it’s the visually perfect rendition of “Scream” by Kevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. (at the top of this article) that made us want to put on a white-studded glove and dance to MJ albums.