Happy Birthday, Heather Morris! Celebrate With 10 of the Best Brittany One-Liners (PHOTOS)

'Glee' Gone Wild!
Brittany and crew get naughty at a party.
Happy 25th birthday to Glee star Heather Morris!

On the hit FOX show, Heather plays cheerleader Brittany S. Pearce, and to say this character is hilariously ditzy would be a total understatement. Always dropping the best lines, the only thing that rivals her quirky quips would be he amazing dance moves.

To celebrate Heather’s big day, we thought we’d compile some of Brittany’s best one-liners, so check them out in the gallery!

And don’t think we’ve forgotten about her performances. We included some videos as well! Watch them below, then let us know which is your favorite in the comments!

Brittany doing Britney Spears!

Brittany doing Ke$ha!

Brittany and Santana do Britney and Madonna.