Kristen Stewart Trades Vanity Fair Clothes For Her Grunge Rock Garbs (PHOTOS)

When Kristen Stewart isn't all done up, she likes to dress down. Following her Vanity Fair photo shoot earlier this week, the Twilight leading lady stepped out in an outfit we know all too well on the actress: jeans, T-shirt and sneakers. 

Looking more like a '90s grunge rock fan than an A-list actress, KStew was greeted by cameras and fans alike when she left the Meurice Hotel in Paris, France on Tuesday. 

The 21-year-old was in the City of Light for a super sexy photo shoot with VF magazine. The shoot was with renowned photographer Mario Testino, and had a very 1800s-esque feel to it, complete with white horses.

We're loving KStew's Downton Abbey look!



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  • DogNation

    I love the photos. I wish we could see more of her body guard. He has but one mission in life, to protect K-Stew. He could even be a movie star or a male 'companion' for her.

  • roxy

    u r the most cute girl i have ever seen

  • Vanquish13

    I'm pretty sure most of us wear jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers on our downtime. Is there something wrong with this? I'm sick of these double standards, what about when male actors walk around in a t-shirt and jeans, are they being grungy as well? Kristen is awesome just as she is. I mean next if we see her wearing some designer mini dress or top in her downtime, people will say she is an attention seeker. But now that she is dressed like a normal person, we call her grungy? She can't ever win.

  • anna

    she is pretty always i love her style

  • Lena

    she sometimes close her mouth? "A-list actress "??!! lol!