Prankster Brad Pitt Reveals ‘Insane’ Stunt He Pulled on Jonah Hill During ‘Moneyball’ (VIDEO)

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Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill were live on Today this morning to talk about Oscar-nominated Moneyball. While most of the talk was dedicated to award show buzz, the co-stars admitted there was a lot of pranking on the set. Known for pulling some crazy stunts in his day, Brad decided to have some fun off set.

“They gave us golf carts. I had Jonah’s cart rigged. Whenever he turned it on it would blast: ‘Wake me up before you Go-go.’ … It was pretty good, I gotta say.”

But the prank didn’t end there.

Jonah added:

“If it was just that, that would be crazy. That would be annoying for me. But he had it shrink-wrapped bright pink, like neon pink, and superimposed a photo of George Michael on front that said, ‘I’m Jonah Hill and I love Wham.’ And. like, wedding things, like noise-makers under the car. So I’d have a meeting and I’d drive up in this, like, insane, absurd, Liberace-style golf cart.”

Watch the rest of the interview above and tell us what you think about Brad’s prank.