Snapped On Set! Amanda Seyfried Bruised & Battered For ‘Lovelace’ Scene (PHOTO)

Amanda as Lovelace
Seyfried shoots scenes as Linda Lovelace.
Amanda Bikinis
Amanda parties poolside!
Amanda's Puppy Love
Amanda Seyfried takes her adorable dog for a walk.
Taking on the role of a porn star is not as sexy as it may seem. Amanda Seyfried was spotted with a black eye for her role as Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace.

Looking to be taking a break from filming, the actress was walking with a friend on set when she was spotted by (click HERE to view more) on Tuesday.

Lovelace, according to IMDB, is about the infamous porn star “who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband, before taking control of her life.”

The film also stars James Franco (as Hugh Hefner), Sarah Jessica Parker (who replaced Demi Moore) and Peter Sarsgaard … to name a few. Given the pics that have been surfacing from the Lovelace set, do you think you’ll be watching the flick on the big screen? Give us your preemptive review in the comments.