Chris Evans Shirtless: Better Bare or Bear? (POLL)

Hot Chris'!
Hollywood's hottest guys named Chris.
NGL, Celebuzz has the hots for Chris Evans. The reasons should be rather obvious! 

There’s just one small problem. We’re not sure if he looks hotter in his natural “bear” state with fuzzy chest hair, or if he’s hotter plucked bare to really show off those manly muscles.  Our office is divided on this issue, and it’s getting serious. Lines have been drawn, staplers have been thrown. Help us end this interoffice war!!!

Most recently, Chris, 30, was snapped in all his furry glory during a shoot for Details Magazine. The shoot took place at Vasquez Rocks Park outside of Los Angeles.

We’re such superfans that we’ve taken the liberty of stalking him finding little known facts about the Captain America stud, like the fact that his roommate was his butt double in the movie What’s Your Number as he explained to Us Weekly

Which Chris do you prefer: Bare or bear? Take our poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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