Reese Witherspoon: I Don’t Think I Need Plastic Surgery

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Although plenty of Hollywood starlets are going under the knife to look younger, actress Reese Witherspoon is going on the record — stating she’s never had plastic surgery. In the March issue of UK’s Glamour, the 35-year-old actress opens up, admitting she’s been lucky enough to avoid the surgeries and botox, but is taking life (and her wrinkles) one day at a time.

“I have plenty of friends who do stuff and if it makes you feel good, great, but I don’t think it’s the fix for some sort of unease that you’re having about who you are as a human being,” she said.

The stunning blonde went on to reveal, “I’m not for it. I’m not against it.”

“I don’t think I need plastic surgery at this point: Can we just go day-by-day on that one?”

For now, the mother of two is embracing her body (and the wrinkles.)

“I have the body I earned: I had two kids and I’m still strong and healthy. And you start to have a different respect for your body the older you get. Instead of tearing yourself apart all the time, you start to go ‘Oh wow.'” she said.