Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Bloopers (VIDEO)

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The birthing scene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 was a very intense and serious scene from the film, but for some reason, it made the cast chuckle. 

In these newly released bloopers from the vampire flick, we see Robert Pattinson cracking up after putting his fangs into his wife’s arm. Teen wolf Taylor Lautner even admitted that it was hard to keep a straight face at times. “There was one point where [Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan] stops breathing and she’s out of it and I have to give her CPR. There was some moments during that when we couldn’t keep straight faces.”

TLaut adds, “She’s just like dead, and her lips are closed and all of a sudden I gotta wrap my whole mouth around her lips and give her CPR. It ended up working but it was funny at moments.”

Check out all the chuckles in the video above, and for more of KStew and RPattz, see the vid below of the on and off screen couple flirting on set during the wedding scene.