Box Office Battle: ‘Big Miracle’ vs. ‘The Woman in Black’ (POLL)

This weekend our Celebuzz box office battle features three very different flicks! 

With the opening of the Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski heart warmer Big Miracle and Daniel Radcliffe’s first post Harry Potter offering The Woman in Black,  we have quite the showdown!

Audiences have been loving feel good movies along the lines of  The Blind Side and Dolphin Tale lately, so the true story based Big Miracle is sure to get a great response.  

The story revolves around a news reporter played by Krasinski, who recruits his ex-girlfriend who works for Greenpeace played by Barrymore, to help save a family of grey whales who are trapped under rapidly forming ice in the arctic circle.

Also opening this weekend is the first post Harry Potter offering from Radcliffe, The Woman in Black.

This dark tale finds Daniel as a young lawyer who is sent to a small town to investigate evil haunting from a vengeful woman who’s ghost is terrorizing the town.

Another movie opening this weekend that is garnering attention is the supernatural thriller, Chronicle.

Chronicle is the story of  three high school friends who gain super powers after making a shocking discovery.  As they begin to use their new found powers, they realize that they are not a great as they seem. Check out the trailer below.

Will you see Drew and John save the whales? Or will you opt to watch one of the darker options this weekend? Sound off in the comments and vote in our poll!