George Clooney Prank Leaves Ryan Gosling Wet on ‘Ides of March’ Set

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Anyone starring in a film with George Clooney should know that there’s a prank coming — so they better watch their backs. Of course, it’s all in goof fun though. Although the pranks may sometimes seem a little childish, the 50-year-old actor has become some jedi-master when it comes to pulling off some pretty elaborate pranks.

In a new interview with the L.A. Times, Clooney and his co-stars open up about the funnyman, revealing that even hottie Ryan Gosling isn’t safe from the Cloonster!

So what happened?

During the The Ides of March filming, Clooney misted the front of Gosling trousers with water. Their costar, Evan Rachel Wood, recalls that Gosling was “pretty used to people staring at him, just not quite like this.”

“It was pretty funny,” she says, adding that Gosling got a kick out of it.

Wood adds, “George has a big heart. He wants people to have fun and be happy. He’ll do anything for his friends.”

Clooney admits his pranks are all in good fun — but hopes none of them ever backfire.

“Humor only gets me in trouble when I forget that any joke I make will be heard by a lot of people and can be hurtful to someone if I’m not careful. I’m just screwing around…but you realize as you get home that it’s something that would hurt someone’s feelings, and maybe it’s not needed. You have to consider that a little more.”