Kim Kardashian Stuns in Curve-Hugging Bandage Dress in Miami (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban are making the most of their time in Miami. The besties were spotted dining together at Zuma for dinner on Thursday evening.

Flaunting her sexy bod, Kim looked stunning in a curve-hugging bandage dress, paired with sky-high peep toe Christian Louboutin heels. She was all smiles, even waving at the paparazzi outside the restaurant.

KK has been busy in Miami while all her pals. She tweeted:

“Is Miami ready for us @larsapippen @lala@lorenridinger @JonathanCheban??? Gonna be fun!!!!”
Kim has reportedly been scouting out a new location for DASH. Could this be where a new season of the Kardashians will be filmed?! We'll have to wait and see!



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  • NancyF

    That's about all she can get these days -- a gay best friend! No self-respecting, real man would want anything to do with her. At one time, some random athlete or third-rate Hollywood type would throw her a lay, but now -- she's persona non grata with 99% of the male population. She's like a walking, fat-ass STD!

  • Musarrat

    you have to eat broefe you take em if you feel nauseous or end up throwing up it's on the bottle because i was like that and then I started to eat and then everything was better I lost the weight (:

  • Ryan Rashad Washington
  • Nancy Hugh Moh
    Nancy Hugh Moh

    have you noticed her purse! it is open! weird right?!

  • Nancy Hugh Moh
    Nancy Hugh Moh

    is it me or they look like each other!?! the best thing about him is that he is height appropriate for her!!

  • Nancy Hugh Moh
    Nancy Hugh Moh

    v.nice dress kim!

  • richellerichie

    She looks so tan n' pretty here ! Xoxo Luv U Kim <3

  • laura

    she looks like eva longoria here lol

  • Whouwit Wesley Smitty
    Whouwit Wesley Smitty

    Hey KIMMIE; Hope that you have a joyful day. You are a WONDERFUL sight for people having a tough time. If a person needs his or her spirit lifted, all they have to do is see a picture of KIM. "K" . Have a wonderful Weekend, PEACE, WES3

  • newyork1234

    LOL good one twiklemepink06...haters!!!!

  • twinklemepink06

    i guess your name isn't Crazy for nothing. Also, its not sandbags in her ass.

  • Thayana Hanrath
    Thayana Hanrath

    well...i'm not a hater or a fan, but come on...look at that tan...and that make-up...if she make that much of tan she has to change her "white" make-up, it looks cheap, sorry but it's true.

  • Annie Zhu
    Annie Zhu

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  • Selma

    I'm not a fan, but u gotta admit she has a great body, stop being such haters :)

  • Brit

    Soo I thought this was Snooki??? And her butt is to large for her body and height, just nasty...

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    and of cours SUCH a strong Bag of Sand in her ASS LMAO XD ....

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    Duscusting LIPS , SKIN & sand bag ASS ...... GOD when shell give up !!!!????

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    Kim looks gorgeous! I love Jonathan! ^_^

  • Lauren

    That's just too orange.

  • wess

    Jonathan Cheban is gay. He needs to come out of the closet.

  • fedup

    this wh0re still alive???

  • meeeeee

    What did she do to her lips? They look like Jonathan's mouth here. And toooo much fake tan.

  • Blak Guy
    Blak Guy

    Her ass looks like a 10 pound bag of sugar was stuffed in her panties.

  • hubbahubba

    Such a filthy waste of air. I can't wait to hear of her death one day. Soon I hope.

  • bev1314

    Has she gone backwards in time or something? too much fake tan!

  • twinklemepink06

    such strong legs! KK looks lovely with this miami glow!