Vanessa Hudgens Attends 'Journey 2' Premiere With Boyfriend Austin Butler (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler took a break from their PDA tour Thursday evening to attend the LA premiere of Vanessa's new movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Vanessa looked stunning in a flowing yellow dress that harkened back to Renee Zellweger's 2001 stunner at the Oscars, while Austin looked like a class act in a gray suit. Sure, they didn't make out or anything, but you could tell the young duo is very much in love.

Meanwhile, being the good sport that she is, Vanessa also posed for some photos with her ex, co-star Josh Hutcherson. How nice!

Check out photos of Vanessa, Austin and Josh in our gallery now!



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  • letgo

    Lovely Couple! funny how people say he's only known for dating her. In case you don't know Austin Butler is an actor, has been in a movie (Sharpay fabulous adventure) and several tv shows/series, one of them, the recently 'switched at birth; which is doing so good. Too bad people can't accept the fact that this is Vanessa's man, That she has moved on from her ex and fell in love again. You all need to focus in the present and leave the past alone. At least Austin cares about HER and was there that night to show SUPPORT for her, thing that her ex never done for her cuz he was too busy doing other things like being focus on himself. Another thing, Austin is a gentleman, he's always opening the car door for her, thing that her ex never done cuz he was faster running to the car first so paps dont get as many pics. I know for sure she aint getting back with her though. And no one says she and Austin will last forever, but at least they are happy living the moment. And no Vanessa is not the kind of person to fake a relationship, she is siimply in love. Now leave the girl alone, live your life and worry about that. She has hers to live it and enjoy it and dont need your permission on who to date... She has a great who seems care, i hope they last for a while. I am very happy for her, that she found love again and she is happy. Haters say all you want that wont solve anything like make her get back with her ex, she doesnt want him...she already chose Austin :P

  • candy

    It's funny how the only thing Austin is know for is being Vanessa Hudgen's BF. Wonder how that makes him feel?

  • kaca95

    fuck you austin