Willow Smith Shaves Her Head! (PHOTO)

Willow Smith: Teen Vogue
Willow Smith in Teen Vogue
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Looks like Willow Smith has no more hair to whip back and forth.

The singer, only 11 years old, posted a photo on her WhoSay account Thursday of her freshly shaved head. We're sure mom Jada would approve!

Will Smith's daughter is no stranger to interesting hairdos. In early January Willow stepped out sporting a Nicki Minaj inspired wig.

“Thank you @nikkiminaj you’re amazing!!!” Willow posted on Twitter.

What do you think of Smith's shaved head? Sound off below!



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  • Harold

    Although there isn't anything wrong with this theory of mine but I think it has more to do with her,,,un-hum sexuality preference

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    Did it give her any talent?

  • Deena Nicholson
    Deena Nicholson

    look at those ears

  • nonamebetty

    She looks cute. It shows that she has an enormous amount of confidence to pull off such a risky look. Go ahead Girl!

  • Lauren

    I think, to be honest, she would have done it as a symbolic thing, or for a charity.

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    That is a risky move. Not something I'd do. I'd look TERRIBLE. She pulls it off though. Good for her! ^_^

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    That's a CHILD. Grow up. -_- What kind of world do we live in when something THAT harsh gets said about CHILDREN?

  • Coz

    She looks more like her dad he does.

  • danielleakame

    wtf. why on earth would anyone do this!

  • BOSS

    nice girl u ar more matured than ur age nice hair cut

  • Bass Ackwards Bo
    Bass Ackwards Bo

    Now, if she would only just crawl into a hole somewhere and STAY!

  • lmw931

    oh gosh :/ take it she won't be whipping her hair back and forth anymore

  • pinkkrazy