Tom Brady Leads Pack of Sexy Athletes (PHOTOS)

Hot Toms
Who is the hottest Tom in Hollywood?
It’s one of the biggest weekend for pro sports of the year, and while diehard football fans are gearing up for the big Super Bowl game, we at Celebuzz are gearing up to get a glimpse of the hotties hitting the field come Sunday. 

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady comes to mind when daydreaming about sexy athletes, and even New York Giants player Eli Manning isn’t too hard on the eyes either. 

Not a football fan? No problem! Check out our gallery of the hottest male athletes in pro sports to gain a little Super Bowl spirit! Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments. 

Back when Tom was taking on Tim Tebow in the playoffs, we asked our readers to let us know who they thought was the hotter QB. Unlike the game, the Denver Broncos youngster won in the Celebuzz poll, with 61% of our readers saying he was hotter than Tom. 

Sadly for Tim, being the hotter QB doesn’t earn you a Super Bowl ring. 

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