Birthday Boy Darren Criss' Best Red Carpet Looks & 'Glee' Moments! (PHOTOS)

happy birthday!
Darren Criss Best Red Carpet Looks

Today (Sunday), is our favorite Glee star's big day! Yes Gleeks, the dreamy Darren Criss is turning the big 2-5! Happy birthday, Darren!

Over the past two seasons, Darren has captured our hearts playing the charming Blaine Anderson on the small screen. So, to celebrate Mr. Criss's big day, we put together the best of his Glee performances. Check out our favorites below!

And don't forget to tell us what your number one Darren tune is in the comments!!

Who can forget Darren's amazing rendition of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", his debut on Glee and also into the heart's of fans everywhere. Here is the dreamy clip!


As Darren settled nicely with the Glee cast, especially Kurt, the anticipation began building with Blaine's performance of "Baby, It's Cold Outside". When would the two kiss?!


Another golden number by Mr. Criss is "Silly Love Songs" by The Beatles for the Glee's Valentine's Day episode. Adorable!


Darren definitely showed off his sexy chops with a performance of "Misery" by Maroon 5. His character Blaine proves to have the sexy act down indeed.


Blaine's duet with Lea Michele's character, Rachel, this last season for the episode "The First Time" was truly memorable. Darren's audition for the lead in school's production of West Side Story had us swooning!


The show's episode "Michael" featured an enthusiastic Blaine singing to Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin Something". We think Darren's version of the classic was superb, but what do you guys think? Sound off in our comments!

In another Katy Perry cover, Blaine leads the Glee cast singing "Last Friday Night". Love the look here, Mr. Criss!

Blaine canoodles with BF Kurt in a series of duets throughout Season 3. Pink's "Perfect" is the best song for the twosome to belt their hearts out to.



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  • Pettyartist

    I sing Human in the shower all the time-- it's probably my favorite Darren original. :)

  • livesinafairytale

    This was so sweet of them to put together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN! Quarter of a century man. (:

  • Angela

    I love that Celebuzz has just as big a crush on Darren as I do.

  • Genny Palma
    Genny Palma

    happy birthday to my baby aw <3 flawless perfomer!

  • Colleen

    Seeing these again makes me miss the Season 2 Warblers sooooooooo much! I wish Blaine hadn't transferred.

  • Annie

    Oh my goodness - what a lovely article! Thanks for putting it all together (not that it would have been that much of a hardship to look at all the photos/clips :)!) but it's a fab treat for all the many DC fans.

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams

    This is awesome. Thanks for the great videos and pics. Happy birthday Darren!

  • Rose

    Hmmmmmnnnn, in West Side Story, I prefer Something's Coming. I think that was one of Darren's best numbers ever. I also adore It's Not Unusual. With the Cheerios it had a vintage Vegas feel that no other Glee number has replicated.

  • J

    Darren rocks