Cory Monteith Has Late Night Run-In With Cops

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'Glee' Gone Wild!
Brittany and crew get naughty at a party.
Looks like Cory Monteith loves rock n’ roll a little too much! According to TMZ, the Glee actor’s house-warming bash was busted up by cops in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police were called to Monteith’s Hollywood Hills home at 4:30 AM when neighbors complained about loud music coming from the house.

Although Cory and his roommate were extremely nice to the officers on scene, Cory’s roommate was slapped with a ticket for loud music. The word’s still out if birthday boyDarren Criss was rocking out at this party too.

Recently, the Glee kids received news that Fox had officially put the hit TV on a seven-week hiatus. Glee will air a “winter finale” on Feb. 21 and return in April. Hopefully Cory won’t be partying too hard until then!