Celeb Hairstylist Gives Pros & Cons For Rihanna & Willow Smith’s Drastic ‘Dos

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Kim Kardashian must have inspired a hair transformation trend because following her blog posts of her lighter locks, we saw pop stars Rihanna and Willow Smith sporting very different ‘dos. RiRi went for beach blonde locks, while the “Whip My Hair” singer shaved it all off!

Celebrity hairstylist and Kim K’s go-to guy Philip Wolff gave Celebuzz readers some exclusive advice when considering replicating these drastic cuts and colors.

Take a look at his warnings and tips before you hit the salon!

Rihanna’s Blonde Locks

In your opinion, what’s the best hair color for Rihanna?

In the end, whether short or long, my favortite hair color for Rihanna is when she is darkest.  It’s bold, it’s sexy and even when the haircut is edgy, it keeps it most flattering for her skin tone and eyes as well as some class and style.  Plus, that’s when it’s most shiny as well.  Sometimes, if her color is very striking, it’s still fun, but in the end, it takes away from her beautiful face and it then becomes more about the hair.  But I find her to be very similar to me as far as her thinking in getting bored with the same look. I totally respect that.

Anything you would change about this look?

There is actually nothing I would change about Rihanna’s new look except possibly add some more aggressive texture to the sides of her hair. But overall, everything from the length to the heavy fringe to the dark roots and the natural tossled texture on the bottom, I dig it all the way.

If you could style Rihanna however you wanted hair-wise, what would you do?

I’d love to do a sharp, short bob-length that hits right between her lips and cheek bones as it’s a very striking length and some heavy bangs. She’s edgy enough to actually do it and we haven’t seen it on her much. Oh and definitely have it dark! 

Willow’s Shaved Head

What advice would you have for girls who are now thinking of going bald?

For those of you thinking of going bald… think about what is to be revealed with this look: your whole head shape, full faceshape, bumps/scars on scalp, skin tone of scalp. But most of all, make sure you are ok with it inside. Not everyone will like it on you and the ones closest to you will have the strongest opinions so be ready for harsh opinions. And remember, you may even get some out of jealousy, as not everyone has the guts to do it.  So think about all that and make your decision, and have fun and be sure to take pics to remember!!!

Pros of Shaving Your Head
1. It is the lowest maintenance as far as style goes.
2. If you have a great head shape, it looks great!
3. Speaking from personal experience, it is the most liberating feeling to “let go” of all your hair.  It is a feel of freedom that I’ve never felt before.
4. Hats and wigs fit better since it can fit closest to the head.
5. In the summertime, it is a much “cooler” cut, no pun intended.  You can feel the breeze on your head like never before.

Cons For Shaving Your Head

1. If you have an odd shaped head, it will reveal that to the fullest.
2. Since there will be no hair, everything will be focused on your face.
3. That being said, it will make your face seem bigger than ever.
4. If you have any scalp conditions, bumps or scars, they will show so be ready for that.
5.  Depending on your skin tone/hair texture, if you have never done it before, your scalp can seem five shades lighter than the rest of your face since the sun basically has never seen your scalp.

Which look do you prefer: RiRi or Willow’s? Let us know in the comments, and for more hair tips, check out Philip’s Facebook