Gisele Bundchen Comforts Tom Brady After Super Bowl Loss (PHOTOS)

Gisele Bundchen, 31, comforted her husband, Tom Brady, 34, shortly after his team, the New England Patriots, lost the Super Bowl XLVI in a close game to the New York Giants Sunday evening in Indianapolis.

Though he played a solid game, it wasn't enough to stop Eli Manning and the Giants, who famously upset the Patriots four years ago, in 2008.

Enter Gisele, who was there to offer hugs and a little TLC as they made their way out the stadium.

If you're going to lose the Super Bowl, this is how you should do it.



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  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    gutted that the patriots didn't win,they played a solid game

  • Guest

    Feel so bad for the guy. I was rooting for them. The Giants did an amazing job though! Still a Pats fan!

  • hihu

    So cute!

  • Leanne Fell
    Leanne Fell

    Lol aww so gutted for his team... NOT!! Wooo go Giants!! ;)

  • Jackie Briggs Vermillion
    Jackie Briggs Vermillion

    Will she try to start another prayer chain now that he lost? Ugh!

  • Smiling

    Tom was 3-0 Superbowl wins with Bridget but has two Superbowl losses with Gisele 0-2. Karma is a b*tch!!!