Katharine McPhee: ‘Smash’ Is Totally Different From ‘Glee’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Celebs Love Marilyn
Today's stars channel Miss Monroe's style.
If you’ve paid any attention to TV in the last few months, you’ll know that tonight marks the premiere of NBC’s Smash, a new musical dramedy in which two budding stars compete for the lead role in a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.

One of those stars just happens to be singer-actress Katharine McPhee, who was kind enough to sit down with Celebuzz to give us the scoop on the highly anticipated musical series.

Of course, comparisons have already been made to another musical series, Glee. But will Smash actually be Glee redux? No way, says McPhee.

“Smash is really different from ‘Glee,” she told us. “We are a drama about the making of a Broadway show and all the kind of things that go into making it.”

“All of our songs are really kind of in context of the show,” she added. “Glee has sometimes like six or seven songs in an episode. We have maybe two or three songs. So, it really is still kind of story-driven and character-driven.”

So what songs will Katharine actually be singing? And what was it like to meet Anjelica Huston and Debra Messing? Check out our exclusive video interview now, then be sure to watch Smash when it premieres tonight at 10PM on NBC.

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