Why Did 'Twilight' Director Feel Bad About Bringing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Together?

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, who can be credited with bringing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together in real life, knows that the love birds are happily dating, but she does feel bad about one thing. That would be Kristen Stewart's boyfriend at the time Michael Angarano. Once Rob and Kristen met they quickly started dating and the rest is history...but so was Michael.

Hardwicke said, “He’s a wonderful actor. He was in Dogtown, one of my favorites, so I felt pretty bad because I love him and they were such a great couple.”

Catherine's openness didn't stop there...ever wonder how she really felt about the Twilight scripts?

“Every one of those scripts sucked,” the director reveals. “Oh, Lord, did they suck. I thought the script was horrible, but then I looked it up on the Internet and I thought, 'Okay, it’s based on a book and people tend to like it. There’s gotta be something there.’”

What do you think about Catherine's chattiness? Sound off in the comments.



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  • mileyismylife

    Kristen is actually amazing, that dress on her is magical!

  • Thais

    such a joke. it's just a silly awards show with no merit but it still snigts. rob and kristen's best twilight saga performances were in BD1...both should have been nominated. birth scene, music, etc...all should have been nominated. joke of the year award goes to MTV.

  • Linda

    And you are the reining village IDIOT...

  • psychosis13

    I actually really like Kristen Stewart as an actress, despite dislike the whole Twilight franchise. She has real talent. Can't say the same for him, but he's alright. I wonder why he's defending her though when she so obviously wants to bang Chris Hemsworthy XD

  • Solange Rodriguez Cornejo
    Solange Rodriguez Cornejo

    eres un amor te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • guest

    people if they want to be married that is their choice and i wish them the best of luck we should just keep our views to ourselves or it could make them feel pressured people saying it wont last can make them think if they are or do get married it wont last

  • Maricris L. Serrano
    Maricris L. Serrano

    Very Plastic woman.. stay directing and shut up!!! Robert and Kristen were meant to be.. Don't Judge them,watch yourself. grrrrrrrrr (><)

  • chaysee

    michael and Kristen just weren't meant to be

  • Lynn

    Gee, from all the great things she said after the film was done, you would never know she hated it. I thought she was a loon anyway. She was the one that tried to keep Rob and Kristen apart. She "made him swear on a bible in her dining room" he wouldn't date her. What a crock!!!

  • Sabine

    Sometimes it's best to know when to keep you're mouth shut! I'm sure she is not critizing the money she made off of Twilight. Leave RPatz n KStew alone & get a life, you're OWN life.

  • Nono

    So contradictory about everything. Shut up woman! Leave the kids alone

  • Marie

    why she talks about it all the time? her career is so crappy that she needs to bring Rob and Kristen all the time in conversation?

  • K

    She should not feel bad having Rob and Kristen had gotten together. It's not as if she push them to become an item. .

  • daisy

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  • gloht_07

    Why did Catherine felt bad in bringing Rob and Kristen together?.. I mean she could've realized it was the most wonderful thing she has ever done...too bad she puts up the vote on Angarano, i like Pattinson better for Stewart....

  • Dariia Jayy
    Dariia Jayy

    so the script sucked. so did her directing. gr. and i agree with above comment - bringing up kristen's ex boyfriend is the only way to make herself relevant..

  • Judy Bradley
    Judy Bradley

    Why would she feel bad about Kristen's ex-boyfriend, I mean Kristen wasn't very old at the time, not likely they would have stayed together anyway. And her criticism of the Twilight scripts was her first impression before reading or knowing about the books - and I am not thrilled about what all Melissa did to the story either!

  • Matt Albrecht
    Matt Albrecht

    who cares? she is a DOG, very dark..he's a 2-bit actor at best

  • Emm

    So what, she can't have an opinion? She didn't say anything nasty. She's just being candid and the scripts she said sucked are not the scripts used for the film. Anyone involved in Hollywood knows that OFTEN screenplays SUCK and they get re-written. Personally, I think a lot of them are trite, predictable and glaringly fake, even when they're supposed to be based in reality (ie. not science fiction etc.) even after they've been rewritten.

  • Lexi

    This is such old news. Who stays with their teen boyfriend/girlfriend forever? Is she blaming Rob for taking Kristen away? Lol. Chatty Cathy needs to shut her trap.

  • Grace

    She said the scripts that were floating around on the internet were horrible, not the one they ended up using (although it was). But that's how people's words get twisted. Catharine wouldn't trash her own film, considering it was pretty much her only major financial success. And really, it's kind of tactless of her to bring up something like this 4 years later to try and make herself relevant again. Honestly, no one knows the details of why Kristen and Michael broke up, and she and Rob are obviously pretty happy now. Just leave them alone and let them do their jobs and live their lives.

  • AJ

    If you read the whole interview will realize that she rewrote the entire script and then agreed to direct the film. From the all directors of the saga, only Catherine and Chris Weitz are who really liked Twilight. David Slade and Bill Condon made ​​exclusively by the paycheck. IMO

  • StephyDee

    lol she's trying to do damage control. Not gonna work, Catherine...

  • Duh

    The scripts do suck! They should have replaced Melissa Rosenberg after the first one!

  • Erin

    so...she just directed it for the money...basically

  • qwerty

    Wait, did the director of the first twilight film... just criticise twilight?