Celebrity Mailbag: Bella Thorne Explains Why She's Nothing Like Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

Bella 'Shakes' It
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Bella Thorne may have a hit TV show on the Disney Channel, but she wants fans to know that she's nothing like her predecessors Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff. The Shake It Up starlet recently stopped Celebuzz to answer fan questions and, when a fellow "Bellarina" wanted to know how she felt about filling in Miley's shoes, Bella laid it all on the line.

"Everyone compares me to Miley but I don't really know why," she said. "I'm 14-year-old girl trying to do my own thing and live my dream. I don't think I can even compare to anyone like that."

"They're such visions that it's even hard to picture yourself being compared to that," the actress added.

Bella, Miley, and Hilary do have one thing in common -- all three girls have found success in television. Bella's show, Shake It Up, has been going strong ever since its 2010 debut. So is there a third season in the works? 

"Of course! Why wouldn't there be?" Bella told us. "We love Shake It Up and to think that we're even going into the third season is mesmerizing."

Bella seems to be lucky off screen as well! When a fan asked her about potential boyfriends, Bella played it coy before slipping in a little hint to fans.

"Well, I might soon now that we talk about it," she said before laughing it off. "I might soon so we'll just have to see."

Be sure to check out the rest of Bella's interview in the videos above and below!

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  • Hailey Gipe
    Hailey Gipe

    Hey Bella I'm not able to sign up for anything like bop or tiger beat but that doesn't mean I'm not a Bellarina.....cause i am a Bellarina.....i wanted to ask you how many seasons of shake it up there is going to be.....i just found out that Shake It Up Made In Japan is the beggining of the third season,so that's cool.I also noticed that every time a new season starts there's a big episode,and I'm so excited to see the new 1 hour and 30 minute special on August 17th.I'm a huge fan,and i hope whenever you get your next interview with Celebuzz you answer my question.Thanks!Bye.

  • kya

    She says she doesn't think she's filling in Miley's shoes, but if you look at it this way what disney is sort of doing for her is basically grooming this young girl into being one of their biggest teen stars like Miley, putting her on a TV show at a young age, basically esposing her every chance they get. Its so OBVIOUS that she is the next miley cyrus, she's what Disney has been looking for and craving, Bella Thorne is their new "IT" girl.