George Clooney Quips: I’m Looking to Adopt (VIDEO)

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Is Hollywood’s most iconic bachelor George Clooney ready to adopt a child?! Well, not exactly.

The Oscar-winning actor joked in an interview with The Insider at Monday’s Oscar Luncheon that he was “looking to adopt very successful people,” one of which from his Oscar nominated movie.

Which of his The Descendants costars was George referring to?

“I want to adopt Shailene [Woodley],” he said with a smile. “Because she’s 20 and smart, and I figure she has a big career ahead and can support me.” He even added that he did adopt a dog that was already potty trained to avoid the “fuss.”

Well, it sounds like George may only be ready for adult adopting right now. In fact, when Celebuzz caught up with the 50-year-old Golden Globe winner late last year, he was adamant about never being on daddy duty. When asked about playing a father on screen in The Descendants, he said, “It sucks. I didn’t like it.”

Clooney is nominated for an Academy Award on Feb. 26 for his role in drama where he plays a father, and will be competing against real-life father-of-six Brad Pitt for the Oscar gold.

Check out the above video for more jokes from George.