Is Katharine McPhee’s New Show a ‘Smash’? (POLL)

Kat McPhee in GQ
Does Katharine go nude for 'Smash'?
Did you catch the premiere of NBC’s Smash last night? Well, 11.5 million of you did, according to ratings reports.

The series, which stars Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing, had a strong debut on Monday night and also took the third highest 10 p.m. rating of any new drama this season. The show centers around the personal turmoil of various characters attempting to create a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. We loved the show thus far, but did you? Let us know by taking our poll! 

While Smash has received comparisons to another musical show, Glee, star Katharine reveals to Celebuzz that the show is not like Glee at all. The singer/actcress says her show “has been in development for years […] and really is a different show from Glee.”

Katharine goes on to say that the show is a drama about the making of a Broadway show and the songs correlate to the dramas that go along with that experience.

Will Smash be a smash this season? Take our poll and let us know what your opinion is on the show so far.