Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Bikini Baby Bump in Mexico (PHOTOS)

Kourtney Kardashian had a pregnancy glow as she hit the sandy beaches of Mexico with her longtime love Scott Disick back in January. During the four-day trip, the reality stars were lovely dovey, kissing and hugging while taking a walk along the shore.

Wearing a slew of skimpy bikinis, Kourt showed off her growing baby bump and looked very relaxed and happy as she frolicked on the beach with son Mason, 2.

Click through the gallery to see more pics from the family vacation.

Back in November, the couple announced they are expecting their second child together.

At the time, Kourtney released a statement, revealing:

"Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family."


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  • helen

    If the show is true and Kourtney keeps her "husband" in another bedrom, he should get smart and leave her. I can't believe how Kris treats her husband as if he was useless. She insults him constantly, compre the two of them and Kris is disgusting. She ignors their two daughters and they're raised by themselves. Get rid of the women and the show would be better.

  • Dan Edet
    Dan Edet

    Please dress well to look good

  • Dan Edet
    Dan Edet

    God has made children the joy of every home[like Abraham and Sarah]

  • Jess

    I cannot believe that you think it is less embarassing for you to point out her spelling errors. Furthermore, I cannot believe that you feel it necessary to point out her spelling errors when your punctuation is absolutely terrible. Just so you know when helping your customers, = is not actually an acceptable punctuation mark unless you're doing a mathematical equation. Gosh, how embarassing for you!

  • Sandra Ozuna
    Sandra Ozuna

    Kourt Looks Fab!! I means she always looks great but being prenant suits her well!!!

  • Charley Lauren
    Charley Lauren

    She's not married. -and anyone that's a true fan of the Kardashian's would know that Scott's not an idiot or anything similar. He has changed for his Son and Kourtney, and now, his Daughter. He has turned into a truly decent person and I, personally think he's an amazing Father.

  • cathyt909

    Kourtney Kardashian is one beautiful, hot Mama!!!

  • kardashianlover123

    Wow Even Preggo She looks Hott!

  • Claudette E. James
    Claudette E. James

    Kourtney Kardashian is beauty with a purpose.

  • Paula Moore
    Paula Moore

    I cannot(one word) believe you never learned how to spell hole is spelled whole and there are too many to respell the right way...so if you are not sure about the way a word is spelled, write it down three different ways and the right way (the brain is like a camera, it has seen the word before) will be right in front of you. I am not dissing you==just an editor who owns a research and editing co. and hates to see people embarrass themselves.

  • Chelsie

    news flash, if you cant stand them....dont click on the article....the more u click the more popular they are....dont know why nobody likes them, they work hard for their money.

  • Chelsie

    awww...matching swim trunks...cute :)

  • Chelsie

    it is a girl :)

  • Chelsie

    cute preggo...but why does she always look so sad :(



  • dave1001

    lol...makes me jealous of Scott who got to do it up inside her and make her that way in the first place.

  • Jennifer Sue Stanley
    Jennifer Sue Stanley

    so excited for you kourtney !!! i hope this one is a girl and i hope he/she looks like you !!!!

  • Dina Mukhles
    Dina Mukhles

    Can't stand the Kardashians. Get the kid a haircut. He looks like a girl.

  • estabellamafia

    totally hot!!

  • African Queen
    African Queen

    they already said they were expecting a girl, Duh!!!!

  • rosah koloi
    rosah koloi

    nyc toned body kourt.big up 2 u.we wnt a gal dis tym

  • Maja Subasic
    Maja Subasic

    Shes having a girl this time..Im sure :))

  • darkbutterfly

    LOVE the swim suit

  • darkbutterfly

    She's hella cute pregnant, i wish everybody looks like that when their pregnant

  • sheila

    hi koutney nice photo of you and the family wish you would marry scott he loves you so much and now having another baby thats why i think you should marry him

  • flojo

    Kourtney Kardashian is the least pretty of the girls. she has the worse voice tone ever. but she seems to be the bossiest? Khloe is the prettiest but she is too"mouthy" and does not look like her sisters... Kim is the "publicity hog" ..the way they all dress at the beach, they may as well just go NAKED. jmo flojo

  • Jenn

    Does anyone know what brand of shorts Scott has on?? I need them.

  • elenakii

    *BEAUTIFUL* :'))

  • elenakii

    u're PERFECT *.* <3 u :D

  • elenakii

    <3 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :')

  • vivian

    love her pregnant body , makes pregnancy look so beautiful and sexy !!!

  • Dato Qito Glonti
    Dato Qito Glonti

    @KourtneyKardash You are very beautiful pregnant. How can you be so healthy? Love you Doll. Wish you the best.

  • Emily Downey Holdinghausen
    Emily Downey Holdinghausen

    @KourtneyKardash You are very beautiful pregnant. How can you be so healthy? Love you Doll. Wish you the best.

  • jc

    i love the kardashians and i have to agree with u,when u sign up for reality shows or bring yourself out to the media u get what u asked for,and dont think she wasnt paid for that picture cause i am sure........i am glad shes having a baby girl i just hope the rumors are true about Khloe and Lamar Odom, they would make great parents

  • Roxie Dean
    Roxie Dean

    I LOVE her she is the most beautiful of ALL of the Kardashian females! I don't understand how Kim is SO spoiled and just out of control and the REST of the family is SO normal and down to earth... BUT in this photo Kourtney looks bigger than the first few pics of her in a bikini! I am happy for her! God bless you Kourtney Scott Mason and baby disick!

  • sb

    and they make money to do so... I'm sure she doesn't mind a few good looking pictures and getting paid for it!

  • Davenport

    God she still looks so good, I'd hit that so hard.

  • justaguy

    I want to jizz all over her belly

  • JJ

    She and no one else can complain about their lack of privacy. They signed on for the reality thing, so they have to deal with the negatives as well as the positives. They put their own kids in front of the lens, so they have to deal with the consequences. I don't feel bad for these fame 'ho's

  • justaguy

    I'd love to cum all over her belly

  • K

    LOL @ all you dicks that make a comment like Kourtney KarTRASHian is going to read it...so retarded.

  • Nicole

    What a dumb question. Of course you can!

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    Her baby bump is so cute

  • Danny

    Kind of like one of those porn sites featuring pregant women.

  • dezthebeauty

    I agree with all that's been said, Kourt does in fact look cute with the baby bump. to me she is a gorgeous girl. Having a baby is truly a blessing no matter the circumstances but i wish her dude would marry her already! But to each its own, if they are comfortable with how things are, I wish them all the best; and congrats on their new bundle of joy~

  • Cynthia Velarde
    Cynthia Velarde

    she pro aigan

  • Margaret Charwood
    Margaret Charwood

    she looks great the way she is, its not because of her implants why there 'saggy'.. it happens after you have a baby, especially after Breastfeeding. Some sag, some grow, some shrink.. Its not 'blaming', its the fact, all women expeirence this after having babies.

  • pinkkrazy

    kourt look amazinggg!!!

  • Blak Guy
    Blak Guy

    Can you breast feed with implants?

  • Shanakay Hemmings
    Shanakay Hemmings

    nice photo i love how scott has ture is live around i just hope he stay on that right track .

  • Shanakay Hemmings
    Shanakay Hemmings

    ur look fine

  • just sayin...
    just sayin...

    cutest prego person i have EVER seen ! <3

  • Gaye Crause
    Gaye Crause

    YEAH - HAPPY FAMILY FOR SURE - NOT They are soooooooooooo miserable!

  • barbiedolljo

    I love that Scott and Mason are wearing matching swim trunks!

  • Vic

    nice try ,kris jenner.lol

  • mirhussain


  • Lillie

    her boobs arent even saggy!! just remember shes had 1 kid before!! i think there just fine!! im sure she has other things to worry about then having "saggy boobs"

  • Annie Zhu
    Annie Zhu

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  • dave1001

    I know! My dick's standing straight up looking at her...funny effect for a pregnant woman to have on me! lol

  • Desiree Violeta Villa-Quarello
    Desiree Violeta Villa-Quarello

    Kourtney is a stunning woman in general....but is is such an absolutely glowing,beautiful, pregnant woman...she can walk around and wear a bikini through her whole pregnancy and she looks so gorgeous and I just adore her in so many ways...shes a #1 mommy, shes an awesome sister to her sissies and brother as the oldest she really does set good examples and a great role model to all of you....she's smart, down to earth,beautiful, daughter to Kris, when your father was here and to Bruce and I just adore her and her person...such a fun,loving,caring,doting,adoring mommy to Mason and she truely does love and reflect on her relationship with Scott and she makes adjustments and compromises where need be. Kudos Kourt you really are a beautiful person and I do love and watch all your fams programs and love your whole families legacies that yall are building and creating....Take good care...kisses to Mason what a gorgeous little man you created w/ Scott. Blessings,Love,Happiness,Smiles & Prayers, Desiree.

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    That's really sweet! I love seeing support for them. <3

  • sash

    Wow I didnt even know she was pregnant again looks amazing though!

  • LU

    For this girl to have fake breast they are the baggy. And lets not blame it on the pregnacy. She should where a bra more offten, she is too young to have breast like 45yr old. I hope she spends some money on a lift

  • monita

    te ves hermosa felicitaciones que dios bendiga a tu familia besos

  • Nick

    You are adorable Kourtney! Watch your show all the time! Good luck with your pregnancy :) Hope everything goes extremely well for you!!

  • Lexy Abbott
    Lexy Abbott

    wow all of yall look pretty with baby bumps lol

  • Lexy Abbott
    Lexy Abbott

    wow all of yall look pretty with baby bumps lol

  • LBarse

    I have to say I love the Kardashian's but damn give them some privacy and let them feel like they are normal. I feel for Mason and the new baby. I would be as a mother myself irritated with someone taking pictures of us all the darn time.

  • John A Gonzalez
    John A Gonzalez


  • Iza Kelle Suarez
    Iza Kelle Suarez

    I love Kourtney! So pretty and sexy! :) Excited to see the new angel!

  • Carl Golle
    Carl Golle

    She's Still Beautiful !!! To Bad She's Married to that Idiot !!!

  • Lyric

    Why werent there any pics of Beyonce like this? Because them demon faked her pregnancy!

  • brenda wong
    brenda wong

    you look great but scoot needs to go to the gym n work out !

  • saras

    i love the kardashian i never mis keepin u with the kardashian and kim an kourtney take ny

  • frank

    did mom get her 10% for this shot

  • carolyn

    you are so adorable looking when your pregnant. don't let no one tell you different.adorable family. hopefully khloe gets pregnant next i think her and Lamar make such a cute couple.

  • Michelle Armstrong
    Michelle Armstrong

    she looks soooo pretty even pregnant

  • Angela Alvarez
    Angela Alvarez

    Congratulations kourt!



  • Victoria Wilk
    Victoria Wilk

    Isnt that cool that that john edwards knew so much and someone was going to be pregnant

  • Shawn Sutherland
    Shawn Sutherland

    That's so cool your pregnant!!!! Mason needs a brother or ssister!!!! I watch your show every time they are on live in Watwrford Michigan love you Courtney Shawn Sutherland

  • Jasmine Latisha
    Jasmine Latisha

    Thats so cute!! She kinda looks like Khloe here haha.

  • Klarissa Abigail
    Klarissa Abigail

    she's going to have a girl,, looks like it :)

  • Stephanie Inman
    Stephanie Inman

    I forgot to tell you that you look so great! You look so cute, promise you that! Tell Scott that I am happy for him to as a new father again, it is just great:) I am all for this, love it.....♥♥ .

  • Stephanie Inman
    Stephanie Inman

    I had know idea you were pregnet again! I am so happy for you and Masion. He will have a play mate. I can not waite to see the new baby:)♥ It is just going to be just as cute as Masion. I wish you and your hole little family all my blessing's. You just would not believe how happy I am to hear this. Love it♥

  • Eloisa

    She's more beautiful than ever! love u, Kourt

  • Kardashian Nation
    Kardashian Nation

    SO beautiful! her baby bump is cute & adorbs! love seeing them together! family time!! XO

  • Lulu

    Shes def having a girl this time

  • jj92

    gosh she's hot pregnant

  • Linda Sizemore
    Linda Sizemore

    Kourtney you are absolutely beautiful, you have a wonderful beautiful loving family. You and your family are very inspiring to me. Love watching the Kardashians and I loved Kourtney and Kim take NYC. I love you all and I never miss anything with you guys are on. Best of luck with the new baby, cant wait to see all the upcoming episodes of the Kardashians.

  • Krystal Lynn Kidwell
    Krystal Lynn Kidwell

    I have an anctient myth Kourtney to tell the sex and it has never been wrong yet..Does Mason have a staight hair line or a v on the back of his neck?

  • tamika

    i think that will be a boy again becouse structure of paunch but i will see in probly in 3 monthsfinally decision becouse paunch will be growing more and more=)

  • tamika

    She is very CUTE prego <3<3