Adriana Lima Defends Gisele Bundchen's Super Bowl Slam

Gisele Comforts Tom
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Gisele Bundchen comforts Tom Brady after Super Bowl loss. Read More »

Gisele Bundchen has been facing some serious backlash from comments she made Sunday night following her husband Tom Brady’s loss in Super Bowl XLVI. After implying that the Patriot’s loss was her husband’s teammates’ fault, the supermodel has been criticized for not her outspoken opinion.

But fellow supermodel Adriana Lima is sticking by her gal. When asked by Celebuzz on Wednesday at the "Kiss and Tell" Valentine's Day event at the Victoria's Secret Soho store in NYC about the uproar, Lima defended Gisele, bluntly stating, "Leave her alone!"

In video caught by The Insider, Gisele is clearly heard stating,

“"My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time."
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  • LC16

    I understand that people hate her and the WAG's hate her, because they're jealous and Giselle thinks she's superior. Whatever. I personally think Giselle looks like a horse faced tranny. She's only going to get trannier looking as she gets older. With that being said, I am a HUGE Pats fan and I love Brady. I don't think Giselle was purposely trying to cut down the other players on team, I think she was being attacked and people were saying horrible things about Brady...and she was defending him. Let’s face it. Tom carries the team. He does, whether you like it or not. If not for him, the Pats wouldn’t have made it as far as they did. He had a lot of pressure on him. She’s also right, people were blaming Tom, but Tom can’t be in 2 places at once. He throws the ball, someone else needs to catch it, but the other players weren’t doing their part. Tom can’t throw and catch the ball, so stop blaming just him. I hate Giselle, but I’m team Giselle for this one.

  • sb

    like really, the game is about throwing and catching. her comments were so obviously taken out of context. she was defending her husband, his responsibility is to throw the ball to the receiver, that's all he can do....WAGS are just jealous.

  • really?

    that's the ONLY word you're going to correct?

  • Danny

    That way together maybe thier IQ is in double digits.

  • From Brazil
    From Brazil

    Do you know that Cristianos Ronaldo is portuguese and not brazilian? Also, he doesn't play on Brazil's team and it's competition actually it is with Argentina, instead of Venezuela. Who's the outsider now? Do some research before speaking, maybe these girls actually know more stuff than you.

  • SMary


  • Lisa

    Doug, you should also keep your mouth shut. You just showed your complete lack of knowledge of soccer in just 1 sentence. You're not entitled to your opinion as well.

  • Sônia

    Gisele defended her husband as a cheerleader, or is that fans can not have an opinion?. Bad luck it was that the press got her making a comment with her friends, was not a formal statement to the press, nor was her husband, he do you have to respect the rules of football and sport. She thought her husband should not be picked up for Christ and defended, oq did you expect from a great wife. Sometimes it's boring because the press is famous creates storm in a glass of water to sell news.

  • Ayo Balogun
    Ayo Balogun

    i mean work

  • Ayo Balogun
    Ayo Balogun

    i dont know y ppl are takin this as a being a bitch moment i mean if your husband just lost a game tat could hav probably being da biggest career experince in is life, nd this is his second chance, nd he played his balls off in da game while is teammates just fool around basically and a guy said "eli owns your husband" u would probably be pissed off. i mean if tat was me i would hav probably slap tat man bout 4 times ten curse him out, so i dont know y ppl are complainin cuz at the end of da day it is true. brady did most of da word.

  • lovernotafighter

    Really, the woman was taking up for her husband. That's what good wives do. What was she supposed to say "my husband stinks". Give me a break.

  • Doug

    what ever,i wanna see Brazil loosing to Venezuela on Soccer(that already happen by the way)and some chick blaming Cristiano Ronaldowhat ever,boths chicks are not even americans,they are outsiders,they dont no shit about sports,but they have a big mouth,fuck her let her take her medicine

  • kitty

    Oh what a coincidence that there was somebody filming while the other was provoking her... Come on, after the intrusion of publishing a private email that she sent to her family and friends, people can't leave the girl alone. The only way she can get on without being judged by those who do nothing but criticize, is doing nothing at all. And I don't think that's an option for her. Leave her alone, she was disappointed and argued as any other team supporter would do.