Courtney Stodden Stars As Sexy Mermaid in New Commercial (VIDEO)

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Courtney Stodden has been making a splash ever since she showed up late last year being helmed as the teenage bride of 50-something actor Doug Hutchison. Now she’s cashing in on her fame with a new commerical for 

Dressed as a mermaid, Courtney once again goes for the sexy and slightly inappropriate approach when a young fisherman “scores” when he casts his net and snags the child bride instead. 

“OMG, I’m so… wet,” she tells the boys as she splashes up on shore dressed as a mermaid. “Score,” one of them replies. Courtney tweeted about the commercial, simply writing: 

‘WET’. Prior to this tweet, she wrote: “Flaunting a flirty fantasy this Monday night as I coaxingly kiss the mister that I fancy most. XOs, muah!” This post came before her Psalms 37:4 scripture. 

What do you think of Courtney’s commercial? Is she still fun to watch in 2012 or are you over her? Defend your answer in the comments.