Ellen DeGeneres: My Haters Are My Motivators (VIDEO)

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One Million Moms just got PWNED. The group tried to get Ellen DeGeneres fired as the new spokesperson for JC Penny because of her sexual orientation -- and failed miserably. 

Not only did JC Penny keep her on, but Ellen addressed the group on her show, saying, "My haters are my motivators."

We love this gal! Ellen had more to say about the group and "traditional values," totally nailing it with her delightful combination sharp wit and loving heart. 

"Here are the values that I stand for," she said. "I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. That’s what I stand for."

Game. Set. Match. Team Ellen FTW! 

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  • Marcelino Davila
    Marcelino Davila

    I agree with you Jen. Especially since Ellen is nothing but good values, always helping people in need. I believe she would give you the shirt off her back because she's that type of person. I <3 Ellen!

  • Jen

    You don't want your kid exposed to a kind and caring woman, you'd rather your kid was only exposed to your hatred and ignorance. I feel sorry for your kid. It's gonna be a looooong life with you as a mom.

  • Crystal Johnson
    Crystal Johnson

    no to gays period. we dont want our kids exposed to that

  • memommon

    Good job Ellen! These "groups" are just going too far anymore!

  • Barbara Pilgrim
    Barbara Pilgrim

    What the fark does her sexuality have to do with anything? It's insane that people try to use this lame excuse to hurt a person. All I can do is wonder what century these 'haters' live in. JC Penney has gone up several notches in the respect department where I'm concerned!

  • candy

    Good for Ellen. And good for JC Penny. How can anyone not like Ellen?