'Hunger Games' Scenes We're Dying to See! (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz's 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! Today we have Ned Vizzini, author of It's Kind of a Funny Story, here with us.

Ned wrote an essay called "Reality Hunger: Authenticity, Heroism, and Media in The Hunger Games" which is featured in The Girl Who Was on Fire Read Along.

Dive on in to hear his thoughts on the reality show aspect of the novel!

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  • Lore.

    i vote for you if you vote for me

  • Sylvia Islas
    Sylvia Islas

    The scene when Rue dies. I really hope it is emmotional.

  • Sarah Roebuck
    Sarah Roebuck

    I am looking forward to the scene when Katniss finds Peeta under a bunch of mud. That scene has the ability to be hilarious and emotional all at the same time :) I'm also looking forward to the scene when Rue dies. Jennifer Lawrence actually sang for that scene so that will probably make it even more of a tear jerker!

  • Lore.

    sap no good if it was here or somewhere else but I hope it's good here the ecena that but I would like to see on The Hunger Games good I can not decide between two as a I can not wait to see the cornucopia ecena cin the mutos but the truth that most intrigues me to see is when Katniss Rue braid hair and full of flowers makes me goes beyond the imagination that is a time with many different emotions sadness, courage to show what thanks to the Capitol is being lost that anger is more ecena wait to see put on screen and capture it all, this is the ecena that most want to see.

  • Dindin Salvador Magada
    Dindin Salvador Magada

    I am dying to see the part where Katniss sings the lullaby to Rue just before the capitol get her body, I believe it's one of the part of the book that gave the definition to Katniss' character :D

  • Kira

    I Can't wait when they go on the district tour!!!! And the cave scenes! And When Peeta is covered in mud and is like "Coming to finish me off Sweetheart?" I can't WAIT!!!!! And when Katniss blows up the food! And when she shoots marvel in the throat! hahah (:

  • Kaitlyn Brianne Petersen
    Kaitlyn Brianne Petersen

    Of COURSE the cave scenes! I'm so excited:) and the tracker jacker scene along with Katniss blowing up the supplies, what the capitol looks like, THE COSTUMES, District 12 and when Rue dies :( I just want to see the whole thing right now! Such a powerful, beautiful, and inspiring book.

  • Leigha

    I didn't agree with ALL of his point but he really did have some interesting opinions on different things. It's always nice to get an in-depth opinion. I totally agree with the whole "built up persona" thing, but I feel that it was post-traumatic stress as well.

  • ada

    i liked this one a lot.. seemed to be more intellectual this time, instead of "OMG, i cant wait for the cave scene and when they kiss i swear i'm gonna OFWGKTA!" or something like that, and the interviewer had some good points in there too!

  • Angela Zhang
    Angela Zhang

    You should interview me for this :') the video would probably be like three hours long... after editing.... a lot :)