Kristen Bell Gets Tatted Up For Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

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Kristen Bell may star in the new Showtime show House of Lies, but her biggest reveal was in Funny Or Die’s Body of Lies sketch. The actress shows up to makeup with “214 professional tattoos” and nine that she did herself. 

All in good fun, the actress told cameras, “Let’s just say I’ve accrued a lot of tattoos over the years.” Her makeup artist adds that it takes 14 hours to cover up the ink. Two of her tats are of Steve Urkel and his alter ego Stefan that are placed on both her shoulder blades — ink she says represents the “duality of man.”

So how did this tattoo craze begin? Kristen explains: 

“The first tattoo I ever got was in seventh grade. I really loved my headgear.” We’re loving KBell in this comedy role but what do you think?

Do you prefer the Veronica Mars star in more serious roles or funny parts like the Funny or Die sketch?