Star Magazine Claims Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twins...Again (PHOTOS)

Another week, another "Jennifer Aniston Pregnant!" headline. Star is the latest tabloid to claim the Wanderlust star is expecting twins with boyfriend Justin Theroux. 

“Jennifer is having a boy and a girl," a so called source tells the magazine adding that she and Justin are preparing the perfect nursery in their new mansion. "She wants the room to reflect that equally. They have had their architect design plans to turn two bedrooms next to the master suite into a super-plush nursery. Jen wants it to be very calming, and they’re even putting in a state-of-the-art music system to help soothe the babies to sleep.”

Unfortunately this is about the hundredth time Star has claimed the actress, 43 and mother of none, has been knocked up! 

Click through our gallery of some of the craziest Jennifer Aniston Pregnant! headlines. Also, check out Jen and Justin's gorgeous new house below:



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  • Chula

    C'mon Mike ..I dont buy a 2, you're voting with your lalrues. Jolie shows up to your backyard pool and you'd be doing backflips. I agree with the brother and Billy Bob thing but if she can tame Brad Pitt there aint a one of us that would stand a chance. Prop her another 9.5+ (even if she scares the shat outta me)

  • Ezequiel

    i hate linsday but pelpoe r really DIFFICULT and they have to leave her alone !! or do they wanna see another britney scene !?pelpoe talks too much about other pelpoe and the fact that the pelpoe r WORSE than the other pelpoeJUST GO AND LOOK AT UR SELF AT THE MIRROR

  • Mank

    I adore Jennifer Aniston and I am such a huge fan it is not funny. She is the best and most well behaved celitreby I have ever seen in Hollywood. Brad was silly. It was his loss to lose a woman like Jennifer.

  • keally

    i reall hope jen is pregnant