Josh Hutcherson Answers: Is He Ready For the ‘Hunger Games’ Fame? (VIDEO)

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Kentucky boy Josh Hutcherson has been enjoying being a 19-year-old in the big city of Los Angeles (he told Jimmy Kimmel he has a couch on his lawn and a Jack Daniels pool table), but the gift of going unnoticed is soon dwindling as the release date of Hunger Games approaches. 

Even during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, there were three girls wearing “I Love Peeta” shirts. When asked if he’s ready for the Games fame, he answered as the crowd went wild, “As far as being ready for it, I don’t think there’s any way to prepare for that kind of attention. But I’m excited.”

Josh then went into a story about a few crazed fans. 

The Journey 2 actor revealed that while he was home for the holidays in Kentucky, some girls and their mom showed up at their house. Once they saw him, they broke down in tears. “They had sown clothes with pictures of my face. … They drove down on the off chance that’d I’d be home for the holidays. … It’s cool that people are so passionate about the book.”