'Madly in Love' Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Hang Tight in Los Angeles

Rob on Kids & Marriage
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Kellan Lutz was on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show and a listener called in to ask the Twilight star if his costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still going strong and if he thought the two would get married.

Here was Kellan's response:

“I haven’t talked to them in a little bit, and that’s not really a question I can answer, cause I don't really know. They seem adorable every time I see them and madly in love. So who knows. I hope the best for them, that's for sure.”
That's a pretty good answer! Giving fans a little something without revealing too much. 

Rob and Kristen have been hanging in Los Angeles together ever since Stewart got back from a photo shoot in Paris, and Celebuzz can confirm the two are definitely still going strong.

"They are enjoying low key time together before they jump back into work," says our source adding they are still "very much together."

The couple dined Monday at Iwata Sushi restaurant in Sherman Oaks where they happily (but separately) posed for a picture with a young fan. Kristen's mom also joined them at dinner.

Since Stewart's return from Europe, the couple have spent time with friends hanging at low key hideouts.

Glad they are enjoying some much deserved downtime!



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  • Saman

    Ah!.It is amazing how an 'A' list star like Anne would acwgkoledned that Robert and Kristen are the hottest couple in Hollywood..and I'm sure a lot of people agree with her!..hi to my favs!!

  • Adrian

    Wow okay. I think Kristen is good I am curious to see Joan Jett's biipoc. I feel she did a fabulous job portraying Bella the awkward, clumsy, loner type. I'm convinced Rob was the absolute best choice for Edward. I don't care who they are with, be it each other, or no one I just want to know their future projects. I will never promote paps, gossip magazines, or attempt to justify the ridiculous behavior of some fans. I don't care how famous, rich, or successful a person is he or she deserves privacy. I'm damn good at what I do, and I would never tolerate someone stalking me, twisting my relationships, or taking my words out of context. I would much rather stand for something than accept how it is, so to say they deserve this because of their success or career choice is .sad to me.

  • Marilene

    umm im not triyng umm im not triyng to be mean but those picture that were sent to nick were personal so who realy cares if she knew they were gonna get out and everyone would see them i bet she wouldnt of done it it is her life she wants to that kinda stuff then let her and plus she was were a bra and underware and thats just like weaaring a bikeni

  • Haya Kamil
    Haya Kamil

    i m very happy that rob n kristen have strong relationship :D

  • ANNA

    sad, hes such a polite and charming guy........whith that spoiled and arrogant, rude and talenteless brat....;(

  • Cathy

    All the eye makeup and sequins in the world can't detract from those elephant ears. Wear your hair down, for God's sake.

  • Cathy

    OMG!! The ears, the ears!!!

  • Cathy

    What a freaky looking couple.

  • tkq

    right in time for the BD dvd release... nice Summit NIIIIICEE!!!!!

  • yashi1387

    Poor Girl?, No darling she isnt the innocent one here, Reed and Rob never dated if you referring to the shitty article from NY Mag the moronic reporter added the names of Rob and Nikki , Both actors have denied being in a relationship it was Reed however that tried to manipulate her way to get Kristen away from Rob so she had a chance with him, unlucky for her Rob never wanted anything with Reed all you read out there is bullshit , dont believe everything ok and definitely dont believe that Nikki Reed is the innocent victim of Rob and Kristen's relationship she is not cause by trying to ruin RK, she ruined the entire cast dynamic , like i said you have no idea what kind of person Reed is , Ask Lohan, ask evan rachel wood, ask Ryan Philippe they know what a bitch she truly is and why she looses friendships so easily

  • Frenchgal

    Good people ? You should ask Nikki Reed about that... Poor girl...

  • kvaughn75

    They are such an anomaly in HW, love them. Hope they make it, good people. How anyone can resent them being together confounds me.

  • teri

    They're a sweet couple

  • solamia

    I really love them together, they seem like these hot oddballs who found eachother in the land of perfect plastic.

  • Stephanie Steban
    Stephanie Steban

    Rob Pattinson looks so HOT!

  • katy

    thank you taryn you ROCK.

  • xxxxxx

    I wonder if Robert will be on the Red Carpet with a shaved Head ..I hope he will tell us why..

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn. I wondered if you were going to comment on Monday's dinner. We appreciate you letting us know how OUR favorite couple is doing.xo

  • idaolivia

    they are so perfect

  • ninaRic

    Aw, even after all this time, they are so cute....

  • lola

    Can't wait to see Rob on the Berlin red carpet!!!